Good friends don’t mind that you’re broke

Hey all, just another random tuesday on a sunny-yet-cold spring day. Went to puyallup for work, always a little crazy down there, but at least stuff seemed to work ok. Always breaks after we leave, tho, right about when we’re over halfway home. 😉

Have a dentist appt tomorrow, hate those, i always dread hearing how much more it’s going to cost me. I don’t even care about the pain anymore – i really think i’d take a longer, more painful option if it was free. I have like 38 more monthly payments until my fillings from last spring are paid off… last thing i need is more! Wish me luck on that…

Work is getting a little frustrating just cause we have so many things to do and so little organization, and i keep getting roped into projects that i don’t have the authority or control to do right, but people get frustrated with me anyway. So that’s annoying… but whatever, it’s not insurance. 😉

It’s Grama Frances’s birthday today, so i need to remember to call her tonite. This friday is Kim’s birthday, but she’ll be gone skiing with her dad in utah, so her party’s scheduled for next friday, the 14th. Which works great, cause that’s when Danielle and Miguel will be here. Btw, anyone who’s reading this, drop me a line or call if you wanna come, i’d love to see ya. Assuming, that is, that you live in the area – wouldn’t want anyone flying in just for hummus and heinekens. 😀

Steph and Libby and i had tacos and zingers for dinner and discussed our various frustrations and headaches, career-wise and otherwise. We were all just in one of those moods, where you have fun no matter what and everything seems funny. The best kind.

So work’s a little stressful, and money’s a little tight, but at least it’s sunny, and i have some good friends to spend the time with (who don’t mind that i’m broke), so life is good!

Turns out soup tastes awful through a straw – who knew?

Just sitting here enjoying the view of I-90 and the fall foilage in south bellevue from my 4th floor office, while sipping water thru a straw, a process made possible by pinching my lips around the straw with my fingers. Yes, that’s right, i went to the dentist this morning. And now i’ve got a rubber face and a tendency to drool down my right cheek. Could i be more sexy?

It’s odd the things that cross your mind – and even stranger the parts of that you remember – when you’re doped up on nitrous oxide, lying flat on your back. I had so many interesting things i wanted to jot down while i was drifting in and out of dreamland this morning, so many remarkably profound thoughts and grand new epiphanies. Sadly, all i truly remember now that i’ve crossed back thru the mirror and left wonderland, is just that; i thought of some neat things and wished i could write them down. Don’t know what they were, just know i wanted to remember them. Kind of like tying a string around your finger so you won’t forget something, and then forgetting what the string was supposed to remind you of. I’ve actually done that – not with a string, per-se. But i’ve set something out for myself, usually in a half-awake stupor: “i’ll leave this pen on top of the alarm clock, so i remember to turn the oven off.” And then the next morning, i’m like “why is there a pen balanced so oddly on my alarm clock? Oh! I was supposed to remember to do something. What was is supposed to do? Huh. Oh, well.” Or something like that. Anyway, i guess you’re just going to have to do without my mush-faced musings today, as i can’t seem to remember anything provocative or witty or even an amusing anecdote. And why is there a pen balanced so oddly on my computer keyboard???

In other news, the Max is finally in the shop today (after several annoying delays), and i have my dark green maxima loaner. I should have my car back by thursday, friday at the latest, with a shiny new rear bumper. So no more parallel parking downtown… and i’m still not officially an employee at the bellevue club, but i hear thru the grapevine that they’re figuring they’re staffing out and will hopefully get back to me this week. In the meantime, i’m having ramen for lunch. What do you think – beef flavor today? That should be nice thru a straw…

I like the dentist, but I don’t like it when there are surprises.

Where were you last nite? Cause i was listening to the best DJ in Seattle down at Watertown with Jason & Julia. You shoulda been there! Julia made us a great salmon dinner, followed by green tea moshi (Japanese green tea ice cream balls). Then we cruised down to Watertown to dance the night away. Well, Julia and i danced, anyway… 😉

Long weekend turned out great, went out sunday with fellow-Maxima-driver Patrick for a drink and some car talk at Earl’s in the U district, and we’re planning a meet saturday the 7th for any Nissan fans out there that wanna come to southcenter for an afternoon.

In other news, i went to the dentist today. Argh! Drove all the way to kirkland cause my dentist there is cool, and she was on vacation with some weird dude in her place. At least if she had told me i have four cavities and a $400 bill staring me in the face, she would have made it sound not so bad – she’s good at that, that’s why i like her. But nooo, i got mr. insensitive mumbling dentist man’s unintelligible rendition of “i think it’s time to start flossing…” I already do that! Duh! I’m chalking this up to stress. Good thing i don’t have stomach cleanings twice a year checking for ulcers, or i’d really be out a lot of money. I told them i’ll call them in november – maybe i’ll have 400 bucks by then…