In memoriam of an angel

Staying up late on my mom’s iMac keeping you all up to date… after spending like half an hour trying to get signed on to aol – augh!

I’m home on short notice this week; my best friend since high school lost his mother to cancer this week, so i came back home to remember her and be here for him. Lisbeth was a fantastic mother and an incredible woman, one of the most selfless, dedicated, sincere people i’ve ever known. She’ll be greatly missed by all of us, yet we have no doubt she is somewhere happier now and we rejoice in that. Although her time on earth was short, she made a greater difference in more lives than most of us ever dream possible, and no one who knew her harbors any regrets for the blessed life she led. The one thing that seems to come of these situations is that those of us who remain renew our bonds with each other and are reminded how much we value those we care about. I caught up with people i had lost touch with and started new friendships with others this week, and also made efforts for some quality time with family and current friends. It seems even lacking a physical presence Lisbeth still manages to bring us together and help us become better people. I think the memory of her will continue to do that for all of us.

I’ll be on a plane back to Seattle sunday morning at 7am (ack!) – it will be nice to return, even if i do have to work monday morning. Maybe i’ll luck out and still be sick. ;D In a great divine scheme, this trip brought me home for my dad’s birthday, which hasn’t happened since my first college summer; for that, too, i am thankful. In light of my experiences this week, i encourage my readers (yes, both of you!) to call someone you care about this weekend and tell them so, and maybe rebuild a bridge you’ve burned or relinquish a grudge. It’s really not worth it; life is too uncertain.

Farewell to a friend.

. . .

My friend Tyson passed away this weekend. He was way too young, and way too cool to die already. It seems so unfair that someone with so much potential, and who gave so much back to everyone around him would be taken from this earth when he still had so much left to give and do and be. I will miss him a great deal, and will never forget his friendship. Tyson, I loved you, man. I hope to see you again someday; enjoy heaven in the meantime.

“Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.” — Ludwig Van Beethoven

. . .