daylight savings time

Last time i checked, Jerry Bruckheimer was not directing my life story

Been a totally productive day of reading comics on Penny Arcade and watching whatever random cinematic enterprises are being broadcast today on TBS. Right now, it’s Austin Powers 2. It’s kind of funny with the sound off… but not totally.

It’s been a stressful weekend, but maybe it’s looking up. For one, i only have 2.5 hrs of work left. And then i get my two days off (instead of the usual three – i covered for someone today). But i thought i was working again tonight – covering half the night shift – but Vince straightened me out when i came in to relieve him this morning – that’s next weekend that i’m pinch hitting for the graveyard team. And i’m (at least so far) not working the extra day shift next sunday, so that’s a 19-hour workday i managed to avoid.

Vince was also nice (and trusting) enough to lend me his key card to get into the building – and so i could leave the NOC to, oh, microwave some cup noodles, use the bathroom, and scavenge in the candy bowl at the front desk. I somehow managed to misplace mine at the end of my shift friday, and have spent the timespan since then stressing about it and getting frustrated with myself for being such a total tool. This dovetailed nicely with the daily stress of work (not so much the doing nothing part, but the always being on edge in case i have to do something part, that is very exhausting) and both of those were easily interwoven into the stress of packing, moving, and paying rent in two places this coming month. And is it just the weather, the time of year, or what, but why is everyone in a bad mood lately? I know we all need a vacation and aren’t going to get one this holiday season (or maybe i’m the only one that’s working thanksgiving, christmas, new year’s, and all the other major holidays this season?) but that’s no excuse for everyone to be mad at *me*. If you need to misdirect your anger somewhere, send those evil thoughts towards politicians or telemarketers, or some other life form without feelings and a soul.

Ugh. Let’s keep the rants short today. My head hurts too much for long, intense sentences. Although pressing my forehead against the cool glass of the monitor cabinet is very soothing… try not to think about the slimy forehead mark i’m leaving on the glass that wasn’t that clean anyway or the extra-intense radiation at this distance hard-boiling my brain…

What i really need a vacation from is drama. Drama everywhere – work, home, friends, bills, career, cars. Last time i checked, Jerry Bruckheimer was not directing my life story, so why all the accelerating climaxes and confounding plot turns? I did not sign up for this! My contract clearly says “romantic comedy” and mentions something about “occasional moments of cheeky seriousness”. Granted, i have not read ahead in the script (boy, wouldn’t that be nice!) but i really don’t see all these loose ends tying up nicely into a happy ending that involves fading light and someplace picturesque. If anything, it’s more like watching a sweater be unraveled, and at the end all you’re left with is a shapeless pile of twisted thread. And believe me, the thread unravels steadily every day, and i think as it flows out one ear it takes pieces of my brain with it.

Just today my theory was proven summarily true, as i found my key card only moments ago on a shelf in the corner, right where i hang my jacket. Where i hang my jacket on weekdays, that is, when i’m sharing this office and all the chairs are used. But on weekends when i’m here alone, i’m lazy and drape my jacket over an empty chair… and thus hadn’t walked by this shelf or seen my laminated face grimacing up from it’s attached keytag since friday afternoon. Instead, i spent saturday evening tearing apart my bedroom, my office, my Pathfinder, the front yard, and small sections of the street with a flashlight and what must have been an appropriate-only-on-halloween-eve fiendish stare only to terminate my search while still fruitless and seek distraction.

Danielle and i found some distraction at Dave T’s halloween party – and found a good excuse to wear our costumes (that she was mostly responsible for assembling – thanx Danielle for sewing all the patches on my coveralls!). We didn’t stay too late, but enjoyed ourselves for a bit before getting me home to bed so i could work this morning.

With the whole DST switch it should have been a little easier to get up at 5.30 am, but noooo… tired stupid me didn’t set any clocks before i went to bed, so i drug myself out of bed and downtown, and was halfway down the block from my parking space when i brandished my phone (to call Vince to come let me in at the front door – remember i am still key-less at this point) and was greeted with a cheerful “Do you wish to update the time?” which apparently is poorly translated from the Finnish phrase for “Haha sucker! You’re an hour early for work! I can see the L on your forehead from Helsinki!”

So across the street from work with a little over an hour to kill, and running on less than 4 hours sleep anyway, Mr Sandman won me over and i crawled into the backseat of my Pathfinder, covered myself in that blanket i keep in the back, warily set an alarm in the phone i wasn’t sure i could trust, and crashed out fully-clothed in a dark downtown street like the bum that i am.

Holiday-appropriate circus animals

Someone who’s a med student or something needs to explain to me the whole internal alarm clock thingy. Cause mine is seriously wacked out. After sleeping in until at least 10 for three days in a row (sat, sun, mon – aren’t long weekends the best!) i awoke peacefully this morning to sunshine and birds chirping, yawned and stretched, and glanced over to read ‘5:45’ on the clock. Augh! I felt completely rested, even though i’d gone to bed less than six hours earlier, and my alarm wasn’t set for another 15 minutes! Maybe it’s the cruelty of daylight savings time, i dunno. But it was creepy.

Stayed out later than i should have last nite, enjoying Dave’s perpetual hospitality and grilled cuisine. A few times around the ballroom floor with Christy, Tamara and Amy (i always hoped that hobby would pay off!) and a vigorous ping-pong match in the basement that lasted until all the balls disappeared into the cobwebbed corners kept me pretty busy all evening. Somewhere in there i also hit up a ride in Ian’s freshly-broken-in five speed and pigged out on memorial-day-appropriate red, white and blue circus animal cookies. Not a bad evening, considering i left to run errands at 2 in the afternoon, called Ian on a fluke from the freeway, and just stayed out the rest of the night. Wireless phones are great! Of course, i’ve always thought that… but whatever. Be back up there saturday to work on the car a bit in Dave’s garage (seriously, this guy is a majorly generous sort) and enjoy even more sunshine and bbq. Summer has arrived! Sehr aufgeregt!

Danielle popped into town thursday nite, which is my excuse for neglecting you this weekend. She’s on the job hunt this week, but the weekend was designated free time. We spent saturday and sunday being ultra-lazy, playing video games, surfing the internet and raiding the cupboards for junk food. It was great to relax and hang out with her… and i found a bunch of cool stuff in GTA Vice City! 😉 Like a helicopter! Sweet!

Friday i had the nwnismo gang up for italian (except for Travis, who’s a big slacker! and Jason, who was fishing… big surprise there… apparently he has two addictions…). Jason (Thane) and Julia showed up in time to bring much-needed dessert, and Danielle and i made waaay too much food, so we’ve been eating meatballs at least once a day ever since. Guess what’s for dinner tonite? It was great having everyone up, hope they can all come back more often! Clint even returned the sunglasses he stole from me, so now i don’t have to buy a new pair! He’s such a klepto… 😉

Now that it’s been a week and it’s old news… i have the photos from the cabin posted. Sorry, no pics from memorial day weekend, as i took a photographer’s holiday. 😉

I’m almost finished with my lunch, it’s time to get back to work. I typed the bulk of this entry with only my left hand, as my right hand was busy weilding an apple in a mouthward direction… i’m surprised there aren’t more typo-s… oh, right… i’m obsessive-compulsive and i fixed them all…

Long night on Alki

Since today was the first “long” day, thanks to daylight savings time’s annual respite, we chose to spend the evening around a firepit on Alki beach, enjoying the sunset, the ocean, and the gang violence (kidding, Mom!). It was a lovely way to spend a monday night; i’ll get the pictures up eventually.