NWN Golden Gardens – March 2011

It rained profusely, as is the tradition for the unofficial season opener at Golden Gardens Park, and the lack of entrance requirements and the massive attendance meant every Nissan in town showed (and a bunch of other makes, too), including many less-than-show-quality specimens. As Tyler pointed out the night before, though, as we were prepping our cars for the meet, this show is about the community more than anything else, and in that regard always seems to be a success, no matter what the weather.

My SLR camera was at the repair shop, so the gallery is full of the best I could do with my pocket-sized Canon Powershot while also holding an umbrella in the other hand.

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DNBC Show – Vancouver BC – September 2010

Sunday was not an ideal day for a roadtrip, what with the early fog, the persistent drizzle, and the occasional wall of smashing rain, but Cara and I made the best of it and trekked to North Vancouver BC for what has become my annual end-of-season tradition, the DNBC Show at Waterfront Park. The grass was swampy and the group was small, but we still had a great time with our fellow non-weather-dependent gearheads and I came home with the Best In Class trophy in the Modern Coupe class. It’s a custom, handmade one that Richard put together that I was especially excited to earn.

Cara is a fantastic roadtrip partner and not only put up with but actually enjoyed all the open hoods, car talk, highway time, and getting semi-lost on the way home looking for souvenirs in Surrey – I can’t wait for our next adventure. 🙂

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NWN Golden Gardens – March 2010

Spent a great day with Christie, starting with the annual NWN Golden Gardens meet – the officially unofficial start to the car show season, and always a mix of rare imports, nicely-tuned Nissan and Datsun rides, and an assortment of unfortunate jalopies that fall somewhere in a spectrum of humorous to disastrous. After taking the pictures in the below gallery and catching up with several friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, the rain finally arrived in full force and chased us away. We stopped at my house to swap out the Z for my QX4 (and it’s 4WD) and trekked down to Federal Way to wish Devin and Riley a happy 11th birthday, see Mike for the first time in ages, and meet Crystal (and her delicious ice-cream-filled cupcakes). The phrase of the day was definitely “it’s way too cold for this” but we had fun anyway, and I’m really glad we chose to make both events.

Gallery slideshow is here.