You can pretend that you’re a crazy, exciting thrillseeker too

Ian and John headed downstairs for a smoke break (which, thanks to both of them being here and not needing my accompaniment to the sidewalk, i am mercifully excluded from today), so i have a quiet moment for an update. The work schedules have changed a bit – mine is no different, but now John comes on at 3pm and is here for the evening. Not really sure how the three of us are going to trip over each other in this fast-shrinking room all afternoon, but as Ian leaves at 5 there really isn’t a great deal of overlap. Today, however, is wednesday, which means staff meeting at 6.30p, which means Ian stays late, and so do i. At least, this week – next week, i come in early on wednesday and will leave at 1p, only to return or call-in for the evening meeting. I know, it’s very confusing; it’s only thru the magic of digital calendars that i even get to work on the correct days.

My car is in the weirdest state of half-repair right now – i’ve spent the last few days (and will spend the next couple) doing a brake job. Usually it doesn’t take this long, but delays in ordering parts, having the rotors re-finished, and trying not to work in the dark (as i don’t trust my crazy-driving neighbors not to hit me when i’m crouched in the street inside a fender well) have made what is normally a few-hour job into a week-long process. Right now, there are no brake pads on it, but it’s all ready to go – the new rotors are on, the pistons in the brake calipers are compressed back enough to permit the install, and the rims are gently installed with 2 lug nuts each (car’s not going anywhere – doesn’t take five to fight the forces of gravity). Hopefully if UPS is correct, those nice (low-dust!) Hawk SP pads will arrive thursday and i won’t have to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary out in the street in the dark after work finishing the job. All the tools i should need are already in the trunk, including the jack, to further minimize delays. See, i really do think like an efficiency engineer and would be great at that, i just don’t have the job experience to prove it. Sigh… never heard that before.

Almost had lunch with Sara yesterday – yes, almost. 😉 We just missed each other coming and going at her redmond office building, so i hung out with her building’s security guard (who was pretty cool) and we rescheduled for next week. That’s fine, gives me time to finish my car and drive it instead of the truck, which is badly in need of a bath, a detail job and an oil change.

Apparently there’s some sort of presidential debate foofahrah tonite – the tv news is counting down, 28:24, no! 23:23! Whatever. The political opinion i agree with most so far is that of Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka of, which is “If you’re like me, and I’m fairly confident that at least one person in my house is, you’re terribly sick of the 2004 Presidential candidates. America transforms into a whining, bitching, irritable toddler every four years, fueled by two middle aged white men who spend all their free time calling each other names or complaining about how they are being called names. I don’t consider myself either a Republican or Democrat on account of the fact that I still haven’t found somebody from either party worth voting for. I am a Novotatarian and I refuse to cast a single ballot until some party decides to produce a middle aged white guy who appeals to me and doesn’t conduct himself in the manner of a complete butt.” I think Lowtax has the issues pretty well wrapped up right there. I may vote for him.

I’m bored, and i’m just staring down a long tunnel of boredom here with no foreseeable end. I’m not even exciting enough to buy lotto tickets, much less win one, and i missed my chance at being a famous when i took band instead of choosing drama or choir in middle school. The perpetual throbbing mass of knots and soreness that is my shoulders and neck is playing it’s usual games today, excluding me from any chance of a fidget-free existence, and the buzzing computers, flickering flourescent lights, yammering television and general sensory overload and likely radiation overdose that is my office is pounding on my brain like a tenderizing mallet on reconstituted chicken parts that are long past their suggested serving date. It’s the kind of day that makes me want to just get blazenly drunk and forget my own name. Unfortunately, i’m still at work for another hour and 45 minutes. Also, i’m too much of a control freak to really do that. But Luke Schmaltz isn’t. And he hurts himself a lot while drunk, and it’s pretty funny. If you’re not offended by occasional crass-ness, his piece for Modern Drunkard Magazine is rather entertaining.. And you can pretend that you’re a crazy, exciting thrillseeker too, just like i did when i read it.

What flavor do you want for Christmas? Mild, Medium or Hot?

I’m surprised i can actually still type today, although it is getting better since yesterday. What with all the bruises and scratches, and several bandaids, i keep missing keys or hitting two, which can be pretty difficult in my profession. Thankfully, most of my coworkers are one-finger typers, so i’m still doing ok at work, even with my battered digits. What exactly have i been doing? Well, although it feels like i slammed my hands in a car door, i actually spent wednesday night helping Patrick finish his leather seat install. He had the rear bench done; i helped with the front seats and the headrests. It involved a great deal of hogrings, pliers, and sharp edges. Those seats were wicked! They look super cool, tho, and for the extra cost of a pro install… well, i’m not sure if either of us would do it ourselves again, now that we know how much work it was! Someday i might do that myself, when i have the $$, but there’s a lot of other things i’d like to do more (like get a recalibration of the transmission valve body – man, oh, man, do i wanna do that!).

I’m sitting up late watching blind date. I can’t decide if it’s encouraging, because of the really pitiful people that still manage to find someone… or wait, if they can do it, but i’m single… or is it depressing, that the people on blind date are doing better than me… on the other hand, on my current budget a dinner date would have to involve maruchan noodles… so not sure if it matters that i have no social life, cause i can’t really afford to have one. Just another thing on the list of stuff i can’t afford. Ugh. Only like 40 days until Christmas. Tomorrow’s payday, but i spent it last month, so i guess i’m not going to start shopping just yet. And by shopping, i mean collecting condiment packets from fast food restaurants. 🙂 Hope that was on your Christmas list…

In site news, you might notice the news page loads a bit faster. that’s cause it’s not loading a whole year at a time anymore. 🙂 I’ve moved the news into the mysql database with the quotes and the music list (databases are neat!), so now i can filter it to just the most recent few. Don’t worry, it’s all still there, and you can browse away to your little heart’s content with the navigation links at the bottom. Hope that works better for ya.