darling harbour

Sydney Australia – October 2008

I had an incredible opportunity to spend nearly a month working from our Sydney office in Pyrmont in October of 2008. The team there was so gracious, showing me the city and taking me to their favorite places. On the weekend days I explored with my camera and filled up this gallery with shots of the Chinese Garden of Friendship, ferry rides to Lavendar Bay and The Rocks.

You can read about the trip here:

There’s also a separate gallery for the Australia International Motor Show – October 2008

Gallery slideshow is here

First night in Sydney

I felt pretty out of it today from the time change, but I forced myself outside into the brilliantly sunny day to explore the Darling Harbor area a little. I found a great omelette and cappuccino breakfast at a streetside bistro, took some halfhearted pictures of tourists on the boardwalk, ate lunch overlooking the harbour and then gave up on being either adventurous or artistic and retired to my hotel for a nap. I stepped back out briefly this evening amidst a completely different crowd than the day’s – gone were the tourists with their fanny packs and strollers, replaced with the stilettos and cigarettes of the young clubbing crowd. My neighborhood is alive with energy tonight but I’m just too tired to take part. It is literally by force of will, pushing myself to stay awake until a reasonable Australian bedtime, that I’m even online right now posting these shots for you.

From my hotel room window, looking over Darling Harbour and across to downtown Sydney:

(Click for the full-size)

And from the Pyrmont Bridge, looking south into Darling Harbour. My hotel is the one trimmed in yellow neon.

(Click for the full-size)

Hopefully I’ll feel a little more ambitious tomorrow. Sydney is clearly an incredible city and there’s a lot of people I wish were here with me right now, helping me enjoy it.