I realize it’s been a long couple of weeks. It has for me, too, but in a good way. I’m sure you’ve all been managing without me, finding your dosage of ‘)”>ugly animal pictures that are their antidote. You’ve probably turned elsewhere for your stories of stupid people making the news and found new examples of ‘)”>random humorous anecdotes to keep the internet spinning ’round in my absence. Really, i’d be surprised if you’re back at all… there really is so much out there.

For my part, i’ve been keeping a full social calendar thus far in 2006, partly as a recovery from a holiday season filled with traveling, errands, career moves and 27 consecutive days of rain and partly because i feel i can afford it now, even though a first paycheck from the new job won’t arrive until Feb. On the job subject, i’ve been doing a bit of working 😉 and it’s going very well. A great new team that i’m really beginning to feel at home with and only one more week of walking halfway across downtown from my old parking spot because i refuse to not park in a spot that’s still paid for.

I’ve also been geeking out with my ‘)”>amazingly cool software that i was totally unaware of until i joined the Bluetooth cool kids’ club. Unwrapping some new tech is always fun, and no disparagement intended for my new ‘)”>FrontRow using my phone as the remote. And then there’s the RSS reader and the tiny-screen-sized versions of Opera, Google Maps and pretty much the rest of the internet. It’s such a powerful device i’m finding new things it’s capable of every day. You’ll know these moments by the giggling accompanied by a look like there’s a balloon being blown up inside me and i just need to tell someone what i’ve discovered or i’m going to explode.

Regardless of my preoccupations, however, i’m still committed to pointing out the ‘)”>Finnish mistress and i have a very open relationship.

Oh, and don’t mind the beeping coming from my head. That’s just my neural implants reading my SMS messages.