SEMA Las Vegas – November 2013

My third year at this epic show and I’m still overwhelmed by the depth of creativity represented in aluminum, carbon fiber, rubber, paint and steel. Between David, Tyler, Sean, Dave and I think we saw about one fifth of what was there. Next year I’ll bring a bigger entourage…

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SEMA Las Vegas – November 2012

My second year and another incredible week in Las Vegas. I’m amazed at how creative and innovative these car builders are, and at the resources – time, money, aluminum milling machines – they have at their disposal. To save you the trouble this time, I put my favorite shots first, so the first 4 pages of the gallery are filled with those.

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Seattle Auto Show – November 2010

Much bigger than last year – even despite the conspicuous absence of Dodge/Chrysler – the Seattle Auto Show this week at Qwest Exhibition Center was a great place for some glossy photos and for #1GF Cara and I to admire/critique the automotive industry’s 2011 design choices. We saw some beautiful sheetmetal, some disappointing details, a few models we would buy and a lot we wouldn’t, and a strong trend towards two-tone brown interiors – and it’s all here in the photo gallery.

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Griot’s Garage Grand Opening – June 2010

Matt heard that Griot’s was rolling out the red carpet for the grand opening of their new facility in Tacoma and that it was likely to turn into an informal car show, so we rolled down there to stock up on Speed Shine and see what showed up. I caught some really beautiful classics in the parking lot, and (perhaps due to the peer pressure for such things in the parking lot of a detailing specialty shop) most of them were spotless and gorgeous. There were also some rare specimen from racing history inside Griot’s on display, which were – of course – cleaner than any water glass in any restaurant in America and I leaned as far over the ropes as I felt I could get away with and grabbed some shots of them, too. I also bought a really fancy car wash wagon/bucket contraption that is totally unnecessary and really awesome.

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