A day spent in pajamas is a day victorious

What an incredible weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I had a great long weekend, hope you all did, too.

Started my day early thursday, driving John to the airport at 6am. Got home, made a couple pies, a loaf of bread, started on candied yams and made sure the meat was thawed ok. Steph arrived around 10 and we dove headfirst into dinner – turkey and ham in the oven, garlic mashed potatoes under the mixer, and of course the orange-cranberry salad! The rest of the gang came in just after noon, Libby and Annie, and Josh and Kristen all the way from Bozeman (via Portland!). Dinner was great (if i do say so myself). After a few bottles of wine and a great meal, we dozed off for a bit on the couch before tackling dessert. A bit more resting, and it was in the car to Libby’s where Josh climbed into her cupboard for a quick photo shoot, and then a stop at Kerry park to enjoy the view. A low-key evening at home, and then it was up in the morning for breakfast on Alki beach followed by a day of touristishness with Josh and Kristen. Met Tiff, Toni and Sara for clam chowder on the waterfront and a cruise through the market. Josh and Kristen hit the road for Portland that afternoon – it was great to see them, hopefully next time for longer! I managed to take a few pix of the weekend’s adventures, check ’em out (click the photo – new thing i’m doing, giving you photo links to the gallery if there’s pix of what i’m talking about. neato, huh?).

What else? Stayed up until 6am last night hanging out with Gabe – great to catch up with him! It’d been way too long since we’d had some quality time. Of course, i spent much time on the phone with the family, not just on turkey day but also sunday while they decorated the tree (i was on speakerphone, listening to their craziness). A thanksgiving call from Aunt Carol was a welcome surprise, too – great to hear that their holiday was a merry one! Went shopping downtown with Lindsay and Adam saturday where we had a full taste of the city, everything from street corner santas to jazz musicians to anti-war rallys to tiffanys. Off to the airport saturday nite to pick up Jason and Julia as they returned from their Boston-NYC thanksgiving adventure. And i’m headed to seatac again tonite, as John returns from arizona. Before that, tho, i’m going to squeeze in some coffee with Gabe before he jets tomorrow. On that subject, i should hit it, cause i’m still not dressed for public appearance and i haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s past 5pm… and if that doesn’t tell you what kind of a great weekend i’ve had, nothing will! 🙂

Mashing the floors and vacuuming the potatoes

Happy Thanksgiving all! A lot to be thankful for this year. I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the sunrise as it strikes the olympic mountains out my window. That’s one thing i’m thankful for – living in the NW! I’m getting paid for not being at work today – that’s another. My car is clean – man, i got a million of ’em!

I’m up early today to take John to the airport, plus i needed to make a couple pies and clean the place up a bit, since i’m hosting a small turkey day gathering here in a few hours. Figured as long as i’m waiting for the oven to heat up, and since i needed to take a break for breakfast, i’d say hi to everyone. Had lunch with Gabe and his mom yesterday – thanx again for lunch Mrs. B! – and had a great time. Should be able to get in some more time with Gabe before he heads back to frigid bozeman sunday. Talked to Danielle yesterday, too, as she was driving across montana, headed home. Hopefully next time she decides to drive 200 miles, she’ll remember her wallet… 😉 And Lindsay and i are going shopping downtown saturday – we started the downtown Christmas shopping tradition last year in chicago, this year Seattle’s our target – and this year we’re dragging along her husband Adam to see if we can drive him completely crazy.

Well, Steph’s going to be here in 2 hours to start mashing potatoes, and i need to get this pumpkin pie in the oven. And i need to take a shower. And vacuum. So i should probably get to it. But at least the Christmas lights are already up! Have a great day everyone! Be thankful for someone today!