The Wifi is cooking my brain

I told myself i would exercise this morning. Even started the day with a bottle of frappuccino to get myself motivated. And here i am, still at the computer… what a surprise. 😉

Not really getting anything done at the computer, mind you. Not really a *real* computer as far as i’m concerned. My work laptop, windoze xp… at least Mozilla Firefox is good software, but the rest of it… eh.

My Powerbook’s still in parts in the drawer. Apologies to anyone i promised contract work, burned cd’s, posted photos, etc from… i’m still a Mac-fish out of water. Hopefully the new $375 logic board will arrive tuesday or so and i can start the rebuild process. Hopefully hopefully hopefully that was the only problem.

Growing a bit of a headache. Could be the totally un-ergonomic position i’m working in; i refuse to let any micro$oft-using hardware rest on my shiny iCurve so it’s sitting on the edge of the desk at a weird angle. Could be that i need to go downstairs and exercise. Could also be all the wireless data beaming around in the universe and cooking my brain like an egg in the microwave. Maybe i should get wallpaper that blocks wireless signals.

Finally got the alarm finished in the Z yesterday – Josh @ Good Guys in Puyallup did a great job, as always. I tried to tip him but he wouldn’t let me… such an honorable guy! So anyway, there wasn’t time to do the whole thing when i was down there in november, and then i went to europe, the car broke down, blah blah… and now it’s june and i finally made it back down there so he could connect the turbo timer stuff. So now it can cool down for 2.5 minutes even after i’ve taken the key out, armed the alarm, and walked away. Very handy. I love gadgety things i can control with a remote!

While i was in the area, Jason from NissanX came and met me for lunch. Good to catch up with him, it’s been too long buddy! Congrats to him on gaining a wife and a cute 3-year-old daughter (who, although he’s not officially “Dad” until next august, has already learned how to push his buttons… ).

Yesterday was a perfect day for cars with no roof, so after driving the Z to puyallup and back, i met Steph downtown and we worked on our tans in her car a bit, and shopped for new wallets and tried on sunglasses we couldn’t afford downtown. Ready for some shade by evening, we retreated to my house for ice cream, a movie and dinner (in that order) and sat on the porch chatting until the sun went down and the pests got too thick. Good for both of us – we both were needing a saturday with no urgent agenda!

It’s past 11 now, the sun is beaming thru the blinds, and there’s a shiny red car with t-tops calling my name from the front yard… so, um… later! 😉

Mac-less summer

Comin at ya from my work-provided windoze laptop this evening, so if this entry gives your computer a virus, you can blame micro$oft. My poor, poor Powerbook is spending the night at the Mac Store after it freaked out on me this week. Weird hard drive clicking noises, strange clunking… altogether unhealthy things. How ironic that i just paid off the loan on it last week. I mean, not paid off… refinanced… but still, i closed the loan. And now it doesn’t work. Ugh. A new one like mine is only $2900… if anyone wants to pick one up for me i’d love you forever.

At least i had the luck, foresight and last few minutes of uptime to back up my documents and whatnot. I have all my stuff…. on a firewire drive that i can’t access. So i can see the box where my stuff is, i just can’t see what’s in the box. Sigh. OH, and did i mention that it cost $45 just to drop it off… $90 an hour for them to look at it… and i was already buying coffee with a handful of quarters today. Seriously, the people at Starbucks thought i was very strange. I don’t think anyone’s ever given them change.

In order to try and completely forget about pretty much my entire life, i spent all evening washing both cars and enjoying the sunshine. Danielle came over to join me, and washed her car, too. Then we made dinner, supplemented by chips and nacho cheese, and watched Futurama reruns and laughed. It’s great to have a friend in town like her that’s so easy to spend time with! 🙂

Once the truck was clean, i put a few new stickers on it of my own, adding to Eric’s collection of ski and surf ones. I had a few cool ones from ski swaps and Warren Miller movies i’ve been saving. My favorite, tho, is a big black sticker that says “Trogdor” right in the middle of the ski rack’s wind deflector. Sorry, no pix – without my laptop i’m virtually helpless. And without Photoshop, well… don’t ask. And I’m not going to link you to Trogdor… you’re supposed to know who he is. 😉