Bitwise IM client

So i found this really great new IM client, better than all the other silly ones. Called BitWise, it’s better than other IM for several reasons. Of course, it’s totally cross-platform – Mac, Linux, windoze – even when it comes to file transfers and other add-ons, more than i can say for any of the others i’ve tried. The interface is simple and easy, the network is reliable. No spam-chat like ICQ. Best of all – and this is the big one – all communications are encrypted and secure, so your boss, creepy internet trolls, bored war drivers, the CIA and wayward Homeland Security agents are all unable to stroll thru your private conversations. There’s no ads, no spyware, no selling of your info to everybody and their dog. You can download it right here and come look for me (my user name is “schuss” – shocker). The owner/creator of BitWise, Kevin, stopped by to say hi today and seems like a cool guy. He uses phpbb for the BitWise Forums and obviously feels strongly about personal privacy and internet security, so that pretty much says it all right there. 🙂

Anyway, go download it, recruit your friends, and start chatting where big brother can’t eavesdrop. And don’t be surprised if you don’t see me online in the other clients as much… I, for one, value my privacy!

And now a word from the yesterday-was-my-birthday department: People keep asking me how my birthday was, so i’m just gonna spill it and save all the quizzing – i’m starting to feel like i just tried to cross the Canadian border with a bag full of ganja! Anyway, it was very nice to not work all day, i slept in – started the day off right! Kim bought me coffee, then Danielle bought me lunch, then Christian bought me a beer on a harbor cruise. Steph picked us up and we put the top down and got some sunshine as we drove around Alki beach. Then a 5-course italian meal at Luigi’s involving bottomless red wine and espresso-chocolate sauce. Ian and Jenn gave me a funny (and slightly sarcastic) book and Adam and Lindsey hooked me up with an iTunes gift certificate – thanx, peeps! Mom and Dad sent me a totally sweet *personalized* Mariners jersey – has my name on the back and everything! – that i wore all day, feeling like the rockstar that i should be. Then Eric bought dinner and drinks last nite after we worked on his car in the sunshine all evening, and Patrick bought coffee…. overall i pretty much paid for nothing and hung out with my friends for two days straight, not a bad way to spend a birthday! And tomorrow we’re spending all day on the boat – the party continues! 🙂

Telegrams, carrier pigeon and smoke signals are OK too.

Gabe called me this morning while i was in the shower. Obviously, i didn’t answer the phone… but i did call him back. He was supposed to ship out to texas or somewhere with the Air Force today, but he’s been bumped back a week. So i guess that’s another week of me not getting any sleep. 🙂 It may turn out to be more than a week, in which case i’ll enlist him for another civic duty… helping me move! I’m hoping to get a key on the 23rd (which reminds me, i should call the new roomies – Josh and Kim – and make sure that’s okay) and i don’t plan on giving any more money to the dilapidated chaos that is my apartment building. I’m moving to a great house that’s only about a mile away, closer to the downtown-y part of West Seattle (the Junction district). The only thing the new place doesn’t have is a garage, but i don’t have that now, so no biggie. Oh, and i guess it doesn’t have a dishwasher. But i’ll happily trade that in for the washer and dryer in the basement. No more quarters – yeess! I’m excited to move, Josh and Kim are very cool, and my bedroom’s on the ground floor, so i don’t have to carry anything up any stairs! [sigh of relief]

For those of you that actually have my landline number, might as well throw it away, as i’m likely dropping it. I’ll get an email out to everyone with the new addy this week, or just drop me a line and i’ll send it to you (if, perchance, you want to send me a housewarming gift or something…). I actually got my cell working again yesterday, thanks to a great deal on ebay. So my phone broke last week, totally dead, couldn’t even get it to pick up a signal. And no, it wasn’t something i did! [scowl] Verizon wanted 20 bucks for a new one if i signed a 2 year contract, or 50 bucks with a 1 year extension. Well i found the same phone (just as new) on ebay for 52 (shipped) with no contract extension. And then on the phone with them switching the ESNs, they tried to get me to take an unlimted text messaging plan that would have extended my contract a year. Um, how about NO. Yeah, so i digress. But it works again, so call me there. Or email me from here. Or whatever. Just try not to be so uncommunicative, m-kay? Slackers…