Sakuracon – April 2011

Danielle and I spent a couple hours this afternoon moving through the lobby and exhibition floor at Sakuracon – an annual anime, gaming and Japanese culture convention – marveling at the cleverness and dedication of the vast array of costumes. I posted a few photos of some of our favorites, but with close to 20,000 attendees there are probably a lot of great ones we missed.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

Superman, the couch potato

It’s my first day back at work after 5 days at home, recovering from a minor surgery. I had a cyst removed from my lower back on friday, and despite the painkillers it still hurts to walk, lean over, and especially sit down. Driving to work this morning was pretty unpleasant and i’m not looking forward to the return trip, but being at work – standing at my tall desk – is not too bad. If I could get to work without walking or sitting I’d be set, although I’d still rather be at home on the sofa.

I’ve been very blessed the last few days, though, despite my need for a thrice-daily percocet. My mom stayed in town an extra week after my parents’ weekend visit to see me thru the experience, ignoring my protests that it wasn’t necessary. She was at her supportive, nurturing best all weekend, even down to planning leftover meals to see me thru my days

Random chances at free stuff, this week only!

Everybody loves free stuff. And everybody hates having their pocketknife taken away at the airport cause they forgot to leave it in checked luggage. I mean, seriously, who am i going to kill with a 2″ nail file, anyway? Or that plastic toothpick? Completely harmless. And if i’m going to go down in a plane crash, i don’t want to die with a vicious hangnail or something stuck in my teeth; teeth and fingernails are all that’s left of you 1000 years later for archeologists to find. Do we really want the robot overlords to think we were total slobs?

Anyway, it’s not quite free, but the stuff those airport nazis have been taking from all of us is now for sale on ebay. (if the link gets changed – as ebay is prone to do – just go to and search for “ntsa”). You can buy 50 pounds of scissors! Swiss army knives by the barrel! 46 used folding pen knives! It’s a sharp object fanatic’s dream! In case you weren’t already thinking what i’m thinking: tools by the pound are an excellent belated birthday gift for yours truly. 🙂

Here’s something that’s totally and completely free, no joke. Saturday is free comic book day. I know! There’s a *whole day* where they just give away comic books, for free?!? What could be more american than that? Maybe if there was pie, also, i guess, and that was free, too. That would be pretty darn american. I’d be all over that. I’ll do just about anything for pie… But anyway, look up your closest local participating comic book shop and go pick up your free copy of Betty & Veronica.

Let’s go shopping already

Happy bday to Dave Smith today (not the wendy’s guy, my coworker Dave). On a totally unrelated note, check out Vindibudd, Superhero in Training, a new biweekly comic strip i found thanks to fark.

My last bits of paperwork on the Maxima should be arriving today, so i can finally put that whole stupid sale and registration process behind me. Hopefully by saturday i can start shopping, and you’re all free to help me look. Here’s our target:

  • Nissan 300zx (Z32)
  • 1991 to 1994
  • Preferably Black or Dark Blue. I’d also be interested in Cherry Red or Silver. Yellow or Dark Green would be third choices.
  • Black or charcoal interior
  • 5spd manual
  • Twin Turbo (spotted by the integrated rear spoiler)
  • Coupe, not 2+2 (no backseat, gas filler door is behind the rear tire)
  • Less than 70,000 miles
  • T-top – no hardtop or convertible

So if you see one, call me so i can go look at it. Or just buy it for me and give it to me for Christmas. Or really any holiday would be fine. 😉