The roomies and i have been talking about getting cable now that the dreary tv-watching season is approaching, but i’m not so sure i want the mongering soul-less Comcast cable sucking our personal information into their sinister corporate database like that yellow-and-black striped foot-pedal gizmo on Ghostbusters that swallowed paranormal entities into another universe. Have you read your cable company’s privacy statement lately? Eek! I mean, i’ve managed to hold off this long without a hotmail account or any of the various other probe-me-please’s from identity-mining micro$oft / AOLTimeDisneyWarner / Homeland Security’s attempts to “serve me better”. Is it worth giving it all away just to get Cartoon Network?

Lest i be all doom-gloom-duck-and-cover today, i also have a tidbit for you from the SF Gate column Morning Fix by Mark Morford. Today, mullet haiku:

Hamburger Helper
Spilt on my Auto Trader
S’all right, licked it off

And with that to salify your friday, let the weekend commence.