Adventures in randomness! So my long-lost friend Skyla called me yesterday, a pleasant surprise. Okay, so maybe not long-lost; it’s not like she was shipwrecked on a desert island or a political hostage in the middle east or something – she lives in Queen Anne. We just haven’t hung out in a year or so. Anyway, we were gonna make plans, and i almost told her i was busy this weekend with an out-of-town friend (Lance) when i realized that i know her for the same reason i know Lance; we all went to high school together. Hello, duh! We only ate lunch together every day for 4 years! Guess i’m sleep-deprived lately or something. So anyway, she and Jana (another long-lost friend in the same sense) are going to catch up with Lance and i this weekend, for a little, well, catch-up. But wait, it gets crazier! Guess where Skyla works. I’ll refer you to the post on April 11. Yup, that’s right, she works at the Quellos Group. Dream-job-i-was-rejected-for #347. Life is so cruel. And random.