San Francisco – April 2010

Rachel and I managed to overlap our travel schedules enough during a week in San Francisco for the ad:tech conference that we had an afternoon free together in the city to get sneezed on in the Tenderloin, drink expensive hipster coffee, laugh at tourists riding the trolley but still pose with it ourselves, and take pictures of each other inside of a mall. I spent more time post-processing these shots than I usually do, partly as an excuse to learn Lightroom (which I still find frustrating, probably because I’m using it wrong) and partly because I was particularly inspired by many of them. SF is an interesting and photogenic place.

Gallery slideshow is here

Yes, I’m blogging about carb cleaner

Rather than start off this entry with details of my boring life, let’s jump right into some current events. Coffee is good for you. Leave it to the Italians to figure that out. Apparently the stronger the better, too; espresso is practically a health shake in a shot glass. I love Italy!

So i’m just re-reading that last bit and thinking “if my life is so boring how have i filled a weblog about it for the last, oh [searching] four years? More importantly, why have i brought myself to the brink of repetitive stress injuries typing all those 4,5,7 and sometimes upwards of [gasp] 9-letter words all for naught? Well, i suppose to make my dent in civilization. Granted it’s so far been a dent of the parking-lot-door-ding variety, but i still harbor hope that i have time remaining to upgrade that to something in the it’s-time-for-a-new-fender category. I’m afraid i’ve missed the window for becoming anyone of barringer crater-sized significance, having piled up my college debt skiing and playing frisbee rather than at MIT or NASA flight school, but i still feel like there’s some room left for growth before i hit my glass ceiling. Perhaps also, i’m driven by a very American desire to colonize a new frontier. And i’ve been vindicated, at least a little bit, as i’m part of the permanent record of the internet at Go ahead, plug in my url (or your own!) and see what part of my/your history is now part of the history of human civilization. Or just reminisce over how much cooler my previous site designs were than this orange boxy mess… whatever you want.

And now over to our chief meteorologist for an update… It’s sunny today and i still don’t have t-tops. Might have to take a can opener to the sentra. Making progress, tho. Jason and Mike were a huge help saturday, Clint helped a ton sunday, and even Steph came out and sniffed some carb cleaner, er… helped out too. 😉

Even tho i was able to get the transmission attached to the motor last nite, i’m enlisting Eric’s help tomorrow to pull it back off, as i’m really not happy with the condition of the clutch release bearing, so i ordered a new one today. Even with that, tho, i think it will be ready for drop-in by the end of tuesday nite. Eric and i might even get ambitious and throw it in ourselves. I’m totally on track to be tuning it with Jason on sunday, which is very exciting. At the same time, it’s very sunny and nice today and i have no t-tops. Which makes me sad. But only temporarily… i will find something caffeinated, and it will all be better until sunday. 😉

I hear buying a ticket significantly increases your odds of winning.

I am officially a Seattleite now – i have become dependent on coffee. It’s not the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning, nor is it the sun coming thru the blinds. It’s not the bedroom light or the sounds of my neighbors, or even the bus outside my window. It’s the sound of the percolating and the smell of the brew when my coffee pot kicks in on a timer that truly gets me out of bed in the morning. And usually it takes at least half of what’s in that pot just to get me into the shower…

Had a nice weekend, despite a somewhat dreary weather forecast. Hmm, i think that’s not the last time i’ll say that before may. Anyway, had a good time out for Annie’s bday saturday nite, and an enjoyable dinner with Lindsay and Adam on friday (can’t go wrong with chinese food and dairy queen :). Speaking of them, i added a link under the “features” tab directing you to my friends’ sites, so go poke around in there and cruise the neighborhood. Given a few days, i’m sure Annie will have a run-down on her 25th birthday experience posted, so be sure to look for that. Breakfast with Jason and Julia down on Alki sunday morning was a great way to start the day, and then off to a Nissan meet sunday in redmond – always a wild time, especially when 35 of us show up together at a pizza place (each in our own cars, of course). I took a few pix that aren’t up yet, but once i get a chance, they’ll be at I really need to win that lottery, cause there’s so much stuff i want to do to my car, but alas, i forgot to buy a ticket friday. But there’s always this week!

Losing jobs, losing sleep

Sorry i’ve totally left you all hanging as of late. Not a great deal to report, i guess. Either that, or i’ve got to start doing this from home at 3 in the morning when i’m wide awake and funny, instead of from work after lunch when i’m tired, depressed and apathetic.

I did have a really great weekend, despite my lackluster verbalizing ability this monday following. Spent saturday afternoon helping Steph move into a great new apartment, which mostly involved helping Kristin and Joe tease Steph, and helping Joe drive a really, really large moving truck thru downtown and on the freeway. Also, we moved some furniture and stuff. Then saturday evening Libby and i hung out on Queen Anne, where she introduced me to my new favorite coffee house, “El Diablo Coffee Co.” Saturday was a completely gorgeous day, sunny and awesome. I probably could have gotten a tan, but then i’d look out of place in Seattle, wouldn’t i? Sunday Sara and Paul came thru town, so i met them at the train station (after some minor parking fiascos – union station garage is NOT very well labeled!) and we spent the day touring the city. Lunch on Alki, coffee at El Diablo (of course) and a walk thru Queen Anne down to Kerry park. Also, a trip up the Needle (i’m thinking i might get an annual pass – i’m up there all the time) and then a great dinner of fresh seafood at our house with a small assortment of friends. Dropped them off at the airport last night – they should be getting home to NH sometime today – and then went home and stayed up until 2.30 watching tv and pretending i didn’t have to work in the morning. I’m a very good pretender; unfortunately, however, the alarm clock is a staunch realist. So here i am, pretending to work while staring at my cell phone, daring it to ring. C’mon! Just call and offer me a job, already!

Speaking of that, the contract gig fell through. Gee, what a surprise. Maybe i don’t interview well or something. Actually, this one never got that far. We decided over the phone that i couldn’t devote the time he needed (due to allstate) and he couldn’t give me a computer to do it on (he wanted me to use a win2k machine – where am i gonna get one of those?). So, it’s probably for the better – i wouldn’t have been able to do as good a job as i would have liked. But it still sucks to lose YET ANOTHER job. Although i’m getting pretty good at that, too.