Moonlighting’s small rewards

Only three more months until Christmas! Um, okay, yeah. It’s really foggy today – got to try out my new fog lights, they’re super neato. I’ve got tonite off, finally, and i’m heading downtown with my first thriftway paycheck to do some shopping and be downtown-y. I haven’t been anywhere near downtown (except for work) since Danielle was here (of course, that’s because i’ve been broke). Now, before you think i’m going to go blow a bunch of money, i’m not. Not that i don’t want to, mind you… I’d love to go lay down some plastic at kenneth cole. But not this time; i need some khakis for work, it’s totally a legit venture. Gap emailed me to say they’re on sale (isn’t direct marketing neat?) and i might check out the sale sweaters, too (hey, it’s fall, i’ve gotta keep warm – it’s an investment in my health!) Besides, i already spent my fun-money monday at home depot… 😀 You know, as much as i try to not let money run my life, it sure seems determined to do so. Maybe that’s just because i never seem to have enough of it… grrr. Guess it’s time to start “investing” in the lottery…

No hawaiian shirts, though

I really have no news today that’s, uh, newsworthy but I wanted to post something anyway. It’s Friday and I get to wear jeans to work, which makes me happy, and I needed to share that joy with all of you. So, there’s that.