Hanging out with Lance in the NOC… my second day of work, my first “official” shift, altho i worked pretty hard to keep up yesterday, too. It was a busy day, issues popping up all over, so i got to handle quite a few interesting things. Learned a lot… forgot most of it. 😉 But i’m getting the hang of things today – the foosball breaks, the starbucks runs, which channel is SpikeTV on the plasma tv… 😀

I like the work already, and i’m enjoying the people and the company very much. Getting up at 5.20am on a saturday to catch the bus is never going to become “easy” but it’s a pretty easy commute, with time for a starbucks visit in between transfers.

A bit of a head cold making me groggy, but Danielle came over last nite to cheer me up with her homemade cookies and a bowl of soup, and she helped me clean up my room so i didn’t feel so disorganized at the end of a long day. She was a huge help with the cleaning and organizing, but really i just needed to hang out with her a bit – we haven’t gotten our usual quality time lately. If i’m up to it, tho (and if i can find some money for gas!) we’re headed down to puyallup sunday to help Ian and Jenn look at a couple houses, and then stick around to have dinner with Aunt Carol. Uncle Tim is out on a flight, unfortunately, but Carol probably needs our expertise painting her living room regardless, so we thought we’d stop by. 😉

On the things-i’ve-bought-lately front, there are two news items, both small. A nifty new alarm clock (trying not to be late for the new job – old one was NOT dependable) by Oregon Scientific – no, i did not pay that much for it, it was on sale at Target. 😉 Does lots of fancy things, but i especially like the “crescendo” alarm – i hate both alarms that are too quiet (never know how tired i’m going to be at 5am) and ones that are too loud (for those days when my biological clock does it’s job and wakes me up 3 minutes before the alarm is set). So that’s pretty cool.

The other thing is, of course, for my car. 🙂 Since my power antenna broke like a month ago, and i didn’t want to go thru that again, i found a stock Honda S2000 one that’s cool and less likely to break off. Since it’s OEM i figure the reception should still be OK, compared with all the knock-offs i found on ebay. It was only 10 bucks, compared to a couple hundred for a new Nissan power one (eek) so now i just need to figure out how to mount it. Might try and stop by Eric’s monday evening and give that a try, while we change the brakes on his Pathfinder.

Okay, now i’ve got a red button on the Seattle data center to go check out… back to work. 🙂