circus animals

This finanical crisis has gone too far

Okay, it’s officially The Great Depression of 2008. I’m calling it right now, based on breaking news I read only just now. Mother’s Cookies, the makers of Circus Animals, has abruptly closed its doors, forever. This is the beginning of the end, people! What kind of future are we creating for our children? Do we want them to grow up without Circus Animals? I’m not sure I want to grow up without Circus Animals?

The SF Chronicle broke the story and I’m telling you, i nearly cried when I realized it wasn’t a hoax… because I’m far away in Australia right now and what if they’re all gone by the time I get back? What if there’s a huge rush on them tonight and the shelves are tragically empty when I race directly from the airport into the nearest all-night grocery? I don’t want to spend my first hour back in the US weeping quietly in the cookie aisle of a Tukwila Safeway… won’t someone pick up a bag tonight for me? One last bag, for old time’s sake… for the way things used to be… back when money flowed out of wall street like Circus Animals flowed out of their pink and white bags… sniff.

Holiday-appropriate circus animals

Someone who’s a med student or something needs to explain to me the whole internal alarm clock thingy. Cause mine is seriously wacked out. After sleeping in until at least 10 for three days in a row (sat, sun, mon – aren’t long weekends the best!) i awoke peacefully this morning to sunshine and birds chirping, yawned and stretched, and glanced over to read ‘5:45’ on the clock. Augh! I felt completely rested, even though i’d gone to bed less than six hours earlier, and my alarm wasn’t set for another 15 minutes! Maybe it’s the cruelty of daylight savings time, i dunno. But it was creepy.

Stayed out later than i should have last nite, enjoying Dave’s perpetual hospitality and grilled cuisine. A few times around the ballroom floor with Christy, Tamara and Amy (i always hoped that hobby would pay off!) and a vigorous ping-pong match in the basement that lasted until all the balls disappeared into the cobwebbed corners kept me pretty busy all evening. Somewhere in there i also hit up a ride in Ian’s freshly-broken-in five speed and pigged out on memorial-day-appropriate red, white and blue circus animal cookies. Not a bad evening, considering i left to run errands at 2 in the afternoon, called Ian on a fluke from the freeway, and just stayed out the rest of the night. Wireless phones are great! Of course, i’ve always thought that… but whatever. Be back up there saturday to work on the car a bit in Dave’s garage (seriously, this guy is a majorly generous sort) and enjoy even more sunshine and bbq. Summer has arrived! Sehr aufgeregt!

Danielle popped into town thursday nite, which is my excuse for neglecting you this weekend. She’s on the job hunt this week, but the weekend was designated free time. We spent saturday and sunday being ultra-lazy, playing video games, surfing the internet and raiding the cupboards for junk food. It was great to relax and hang out with her… and i found a bunch of cool stuff in GTA Vice City! 😉 Like a helicopter! Sweet!

Friday i had the nwnismo gang up for italian (except for Travis, who’s a big slacker! and Jason, who was fishing… big surprise there… apparently he has two addictions…). Jason (Thane) and Julia showed up in time to bring much-needed dessert, and Danielle and i made waaay too much food, so we’ve been eating meatballs at least once a day ever since. Guess what’s for dinner tonite? It was great having everyone up, hope they can all come back more often! Clint even returned the sunglasses he stole from me, so now i don’t have to buy a new pair! He’s such a klepto… 😉

Now that it’s been a week and it’s old news… i have the photos from the cabin posted. Sorry, no pics from memorial day weekend, as i took a photographer’s holiday. 😉

I’m almost finished with my lunch, it’s time to get back to work. I typed the bulk of this entry with only my left hand, as my right hand was busy weilding an apple in a mouthward direction… i’m surprised there aren’t more typo-s… oh, right… i’m obsessive-compulsive and i fixed them all…