Busy, busy week last week, but can’t believe i was so busy i didn’t have time for you’all. Seriously, what kind of a friend am i? 😉 It’s monday morning and am back at work after a great yet disturbingly short weekend. I brought my BitCharG RC car to work today (i’ll get a pic for ya and put it here tonite) and my plan for the morning is pretty much to drive that around the office and avoid doing any work. But i guess i can take a break from terriorizing the hallways to fill you in.

Worked like crazy last week, a few hours late most nights, a good chunk of overtime. We’ve been installing new computers in our offices all over the state, which makes for a lot of heavy-travel days. It’s been good, tho, as everything’s gone very smoothly and Ron, Caleb and i have been traveling together, which is funner (yes, ‘funner’) than traveling alone. Long days, tho.

So i rewarded myself with a completely fun weekend where i did nothing productive. 😉 Took a great roadtrip to the Oregon coast, stopping in Tillamook for fresh cheese and pepperoni, and then on to Cannon Beach and Seaside. It was a bit rainy and more than a bit cold, but still nice enough that Libby was able to do her yoga on the beach. The drive back was a bit rainy and dark – sure glad i have those new tires, thanx Mom & Dad! A great trip tho, and i have a couple cool souveniers i’ll get pics of for ya, plus i’ll get the roadtrip pics up in the gallery this week (promise!). And Patrick, i have your block of sharp cheddar, as requested. 😉

Sunday was spent in my home-away-from-home, Ian’s garage. Matt installed his custom ground wire kit on my car – it came out great, he’s a real pro – and i finally fixed that stupid taillight wiring. I’ve been embarassed to use the brakes cause i was missing a brakelight and i think that’s so tacky, so i’ve been gearing down a lot and finding other creative ways to slow down (holding my hands out the window? jake brake?). It’s much easier to just use the brakes, so i’m glad they’re working 100% again… Also changed my oil (third time i’ve done it myself, i’m starting to get the hang of avoiding the mess) and collected a sample to send to Blackstone Labs for engine condition analysis.

The other big project for the weekend was actually a co-project with Patrick, deciding on a name to put on our business license application. We’ve narrowed it down to two, i’ll keep you posted on the progress…

I’m purposely not saying anything about any current events items as the whole thing pretty much creeps me out. I will say that i’m really annoyed by hypocritical protesters – i don’t know how someone can carry a sign proclaiming that capitalism is evil when they’re wearing an eddie bauer jacket and nike’s and their picket sign is made from office supplies. Also, for all those anti-petroleum protesters who keep scowling at me in my car from their rainy street corners – we use petroleum for more than just making gasoline, ya know. Like making your shoes, and your picket signs, and your ‘environmentally friendly’ bicycle… and keeping hospitals sterile, and food fresh. And i’m sorry, Cameron Diaz, but we’d have to turn off a lot of lights to save the energy consumed by your 10,000sf home and your 8000lb Escalade. So if you’re gonna protest, get your facts right and walk your talk.

So, that’s my dish for the weekend. Have a great monday, peeps!