Sakuracon – April 2011

Danielle and I spent a couple hours this afternoon moving through the lobby and exhibition floor at Sakuracon – an annual anime, gaming and Japanese culture convention – marveling at the cleverness and dedication of the vast array of costumes. I posted a few photos of some of our favorites, but with close to 20,000 attendees there are probably a lot of great ones we missed.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

Ski pass picture day

Haven’t posted much cause it didn’t seem like there was much going on that was newsworthy… and i spend so much time at work surfing and reading that nothing really stands out anymore, so i don’t even have interesting links to share. How boring am i?

But then, in the last few days, all sorts of interesting stuff! So let’s just tear right into it, starting with the most recent and working backwards, because i know you like a challenge at 8am on a tuesday morning. 🙂

And speaking of that, what am i doing up so early on a day when i don’t have to work? Well, joke’s on you, cause this isn’t early for me – i *let* myself sleep in until 7 today! I usually get up at 5.30 for work, so 7 is a huge luxury… very nice. Plus i needed to be up and ready to go meet Ron for coffee this morning on the eastside – probably in an hour or so. I might have time to run up to Steph’s and get the Z before then, which would be super cause, well, it’s really fun to drive. 🙂

Another thing that’s really fun happened last nite – i bought my ski pass on the internet! (The exciting part is that i bought the pass – not that i bought it on the internet. I buy lots of stuff on the internet, which i think we all know…) It’s the first time i’ve ever had a season pass, i’m very stoked about it. I had only budgeted $200 for a midweek pass (mon-fri only), and the price goes up oct 31 so i had to get in there and buy it this week, but then i started thinking about it and splurged on the $250 one that includes sundays, too – basically, it’s anytime but 9a-4p saturday – because although it’s great that i have monday and tuesday off to ski, most of my friends aren’t going to, so if i ever want to go with someone, it might be nice to have sunday as an option, too. It should pay for itself no problem, cause a regular lift ticket is 42 bucks! So if i go six times all season, i’m totally ahead. And i’d like to go a lot more than six times! It’s just a “Big S” pass – the Summit and Snoqualmie and Alpental – but that’s perfect for me because 1) it’s cheap, 2) it’s close and 3) i have low expectations and haven’t skiied (outside of europe) since i left MSU so any hill time is good hill time!

Earlier in the day yesterday, i spent some time looking at apartments with Danielle, because i’ve told Kim and Jason that i’m moving out by the end of november. So hopefully i’ll be able to find a place i can afford with a private garage. I’m sure the Z will be very happy to hear that she’ll get to come home soon to a nice cozy garage… and the Pathfinder’s probably rather unamused that he’s going to be lugging all my junk halfway across the city and commuting further to work. But he might get a tow hitch out of the deal, so… Anyway, that’s both exciting and a lot of work. Have a lot of things to clear out before i move, too (i really need to move *less* stuff each time, not more) – if anyone’s interested in the big green couch i’ll make you a screamin’ deal. 🙂

While i was leaning back in my desk chair sunday night pondering all of this, Chad called me and we griped for awhile about corporate america and the lack of desireable candidates for public office. Always good to hear from him; hopefully we can catch up for a beer when i’m in MT in december.

Previous to that, i spent late sunday afternoon up at Steph’s installing my new short shifter in the Z and garnishing it with a fresh-out-of-the-plastic JDM red-stiched shift knob! Whole thing looks excellent and is very fun to drive. First non-maintenance money i’ve spent on the Z since april – i’m sure she’s been feeling left out seeing the Pathy’s awesome new tires and functional new cupholders. And we all know what a high-maintenance princess she is… so you can imagine what sort of attitude i’ve been dealing with. But this shiny bauble should smooth things over… 😉

I didn’t get started on that project until late in the day, because i spent the morning at Eric’s, helping him tear apart the motor in his new Pathfinder. Wait… didn’t i buy my Pathy from him in july? Yes, that’s correct. And he missed it so much he went out and bought another one just like it, only red, with a shiny new paint job and a blown head gasket. It was a great price, even considering the engine trouble, and is going to be a nice project for us for the next few weeks. We tore the top end off sunday (top end of the motor, that is… haha… that’s a funny mental picture, us tearing the top of the truck off) and found lots of icky, sticky goo under the valve covers (neat!) from the coolant intermingling with the oil (yuck!). We had to use my Pathy to tow his back out of the garage and on to the street when we were done, and we took a moment to get a picture of them together which i would post right now but my Powerbook’s all busy burning a dvd full of Space Ghost episodes so i can’t suck the pix off the digicam right now. Forthcoming, i assure you.

And that pretty much brings us back to saturday, which i spent entirely at work, playing Sims and watching Cartoon Network. And friday, which was similar, only i played flash games on and watched the news (ugh) cause Ian always insists we pretend to care about current events during business hours (as if!).

And now, ladies and jellyspoons… i’m going to head east to pick up my shiny red 300zx for some quality highway time! Heading up to Snoqualmie summit today to get my picture taken for my ski pass… yee ha!

Cartoon theme songs; short but persistent

Got a call from Mom at 8am this morning, they’re on the road! I’m down in burien working, but only until noon, then it’s home to straighten up the house and put another load of towels in the dryer, and otherwise get ready for them to be here! Incidentally, Mom called on the new phone which is super-duper cool. Found a sweet transformers pic for it, thanx Jhonny!

Put the new phone on silent last nite to catch Spike & Mike’s animation fest at the Varisty theatre up on the Ave with Josh and Kim. A couple very funny toons, and a bunch of really strange ones, and one that was kinda sad… pretty cool, overall. My fav was i think Happy Tree Friends. It looks cutsey but it’s not – it’s very much like Itchy & Scratchy of Simpsons fame, in fact i wonder whether one inspired the other. Really funny, and the high-pitched giggly theme song is still stuck in my head today… “La la la, lala la la, la la la, lala la la…” Augh! Make the madness stop!

Easter and UPS Tracking Numbers

I’m coming to you on this rainy tuesday from the breakfast table, racing against time to type something interesting and still eat my bowl of special K before it gets too soggy. According to ups tracking, my neato new phone is supposed to arrive today. I really just want to sit at home and play ssx tricky until it shows up, but i’ll probably go to work… ugh. I need to go visit the offices in burien (south seattle) this week, but i hate going down there almost as much as i hate driving to kent – it’s just a sucky drive, and when i get there nothing works like it’s supposed to. Plus i always seem to get in car accidents in that part of town. Well, ok, it only happened once, but i’m entirely creeped out down there now about it.

Mom, Dad and Danielle will be here thursday afternoon for a long weekend. It’ll be cool to have them here, hopefully the weather will be as nice as it was last weekend and we’ll be able to hit a bunch of the fun stuff. I already have tickets for a Mariners game saturday nite – my birthday present to myself. I still have two more nites to finish cleaning the house…

Haven’t been getting much done on the cleaning front so far cause i haven’t been home an evening since, like, march. Went to Dave’s last nite to help Matt finish up Ian’s transmission. At least, that was the plan, until we figured out a banjo bolt that connects the clutch master cylinder was missing. It’s a special order part, won’t be in for a few days, and none of the local places had anything similar enough. So it’s mostly put back together, other than the master cylinder (obviously) and a few under-hood parts (battery, supercharger piping) that would be in the way. But the pedals are all there, the tranny is in, and it shifts – although third is a little sketchy. I think it’s just stuck, nothing a running engine and moving car won’t fix. Fourth works just fine, and it’s on the same actuator. I keep telling Ian that, but he’s worried that it’s not going to work once we get it all together. In that case, i think Matt’s and my advice would be ‘take it to a transmission shop!’

Sunday was a lovely Easter lunch/dinner feast with Adam, Lindsey, Mike and Donna. My contribution was two bottles of wine, both with a story: a bottle of Rosemount shiraz that Tim and Carol introduced me to, and a Due Uve – an italian white – that my wine expert Michelle McL recommended. Both were great, i drank quite a bit of both of them…. 😉 I was up early that morning for Easter mass at a very beautiful cathedral that is only two blocks from my house – ‘so those are the church bells that keep waking me up!’ – and had breakfast with Josh downtown at the Cyclops. It was a beautiful, sunny, excellent Easter sunday!

Wednesday nite Josh, Kim and myself are headed to an animated film festival in the U district that’s supposed to be killer-funny. So that pretty much leaves tonite for me to finish my laundry and clean the house… but why do i suspect i’m going to spend all nite playing with the new phone…?