There’s caffeine in my mints, too.

Thanx Kimmy for making us go! Steph and i had a random fun time on the eighties harbor cruise – enjoyed the show of sequins, polka dots and jean jackets, danced a bit, marveled at the downtown skyline from our watery vantage – and managed to avoid being trampled by the ballroom couple or the gaggle of bachelorettes high on blow. Tomorrow Kim and I are going on the lake at 8am to catch some good waterskiing weather if anyone’s interested… call me before 2am or after 7. 😉

And yes, the caffeine is working…a frappuccino for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a sensible dinner (two mt dews with teriyaki) and i’m feeling much better about everything… except maybe that ucler. 😉

I can quit anytime I want – really!

So, what’s the big news today? Well, i quit working at thriftway today. It wasn’t a bad job, and the extra money was nice, but it was just keeping me up too late on weeknights and causing more stress than the money was worth. And i think it was going to get worse before it got better, with the busy holiday season coming up and everything. And besides, that’s part of having a second job – if it isn’t working out, you have the luxury to leave and find something else, since it isn’t your livelihood. I still work tomorrow night, a 6 hour shift until midnight (ugh!) but at least it’s the last one! My coworkers are very good people and i do feel bad, but most of them want more hours than they get anyway, so they should be happy. I know my last post says it was going okay (but that was like a week ago!), and i actually only worked two shifts last week, but after working until midnight sunday nite and then trying to go to work monday morning… let’s just say i had a red bull with breakfast, a triple-shot mocha mid-morning, and a large dr pepper at lunch, and i was still completely wiped out with no sign of recovery. I can’t let my days at john l scott suffer that much. Plus i can’t afford to buy coffee that often! 😀 So i might end up doing something else, but nothing that keeps me working that late on weekday nites, or that is so chaotic and stressful (and requires me to memorize produce codes – augh!). Maybe that was it – the produce code quiz sunday nite just pushed me over the edge 🙂 Maybe in some way, too, after all the jobs that turned me down and all the interviews that were dead ends in the past year, i needed to do this once. To walk into someplace that wasn’t necessarily hiring, ask for job, ace an interview and get hired, work for a bit and decide they weren’t right for me and resign. To turn the tables for once, and reject an employer, for all the times i was rejected. I think it’s good for my fragile career-ego to know that there’s at least one job out there that i could have but don’t because of my choice, not theirs. So maybe i am in control of my own destiny, or if not in control at least taking an active role in looking out the window as life’s highway flys by. Either way, it felt really good and tomorrow nite’s going to be the longest 6 hours ever!