Just made it home at 11 tonite, after leaving the house at 7am this morning… long day! Being in the sun most of the day didn’t help any, either, but it was nice to drive the Z a bit and work on my tan. 😉

Today is Caleb’s birthday – happy birthday, man! – so a dept lunch was in order, free mongolian bbq! Can’t argue with that. It was a perfect summer day to be driving around bellevue with the t-tops off, and Ron and i were so enjoying the experience that we kept on driving after lunch and headed to mercer island, to visit the office out there. So i spent the afternoon fussing with sound card drivers, then dropped Ron at his truck and headed to Patrick’s house to wake him up (slacker!) and head west to the ferry terminal.

We hopped the bremerton ferry in the midst of lovely westbound rush hour traffic to go catch up with Luis and check out his shop, DDX. Despite some navigational snafus (bremerton is freakin confusing!) we found his place. Actually, that’s not entirely true… he came and found us at a 76 station and we followed him there… anyway, yeah. Patrick is fired as navigator…

Watched some Options videos and talked shop about parts we’d like to get and whatnot, and checked out Luis’s phatty warehouse full of Nissan front clips! Some nice motors in there – where was he when i needed a Japanese VG30DETT imported in january?? Anyway, that was pretty sweet, and i had a good time rocketing around the lonely backroads, following Luis in his nice 240sx with one of those turbo RB20’s in it around the twisties. He certainly had the home-neighborhood advantage, but i really enjoyed chasing him around regardless… and my Z enjoyed it, as well! Patrick clutched the passenger armrest faithfully and didn’t even air-brake into the floorboards. 😉

Summer nites have to end sometime, so eventually Luis pointed us towards the ferry terminal and we parted ways. Unfortunately we missed the 9pm ferry – and the next one wasn’t until 11.30! Augh! And the ride’s 45 mins to downtown, and then i still had to take Patrick home to bellevue… So we bagged that idea (ya think?) and drove around the bottom, thru gig harbor and tacoma, and i managed to get my sleepy navigator dropped off and myself home by 11… much more efficient than boating it.

So yes, amidst all this, Mom is still in town visiting, and i’ve been doing a really terrible job of spending time with her while she’s here. Things just seem to keep falling in my lap, and i feel like i owe it to the people i committed to before i knew she was coming to hold to my promises, at least as much as possible. Doesn’t mean i’ve kept up entirely – i managed to miss the housewarming party i’d been bugging Robin to have for months, but that was because i wrote it down on the wrong day… augh! Anyway, only two more days of work and then i’m headed eastward, and Mom and i will have 8 hours of quality time in the car, baking in the hot sun on the black leather with not a single bit of shade from the base of snoqualmie to the montana border (what, like there’s a tree in eastern washington? fat chance!). So i guess i should go to bed, so tuesday will come sooner!