I have arrived! Made it to Bozeman ok, there’s a ton of snow on the ground and they almost sent my plane back to Seattle, but at just the right moment the sky cleared allowing us safe passage by way of gravity and a rather rough landing. It’s a little weird to be back, especially since it feels like summer out west and is definitely still winter here (not to mention the whole being-back-in-the-town-i-left-behind thing), but it’s good to see everyone again and Danielle and i are already having a great time together! The Baxter was our first stop after the airport, to greet Christian, Temby, Ty, Brian and (hey, surprise! since when is she is Bozeman!) Kristin! A couple drinks, then a quick stop at the grocery store on our way home to buy breakfast food, which we promptly broke into and made ourselves a midnight omelette before bed. Which leads me to now, me updating you all over a hideously slow (but nevertheless appreciated) aol connection from inside the much-hallowed halls of my alma mater. So here i am; the adventure begins. And with that, i shall retire.