Photos in a cupboard and a farmhouse barbecue

New stuff for ya in the photo gallery! Homecoming weekend pics, mostly. Some of you might be in there! Other than that, what else did i do this weekend, you ask? Well, i worked at thriftway saturday nite. It’s not too bad working two jobs; my coworkers are fun, and seriously only about 1 in 200 customers is crabby; most of them are super nice.

Annie and i also headed up to Queen Anne to hang with Libby. We took a coffee walk (drive, get coffee, walk around with it, drive home) and Annie climbed into Libby’s cupboard for a roll of photos. You’ll recall, i did this too – i’m really happy with how the series came out. It’s a very big cupboard, and Annie and i actually crawled in there for a couple shots together. And of course we walked down the hall to harass Hillary and Lexie, who were right in the middle of watching teen movies and using the new swiffer on the kitchen floor. As they were still wearing their slippers, they opted not to join us for coffee…

Today (sunday) after sleeping in until 11 (yeess!) i hung out with some fellow Maxima-heads, installed a free-gift FSTB (thanx, John, you ROCK!) and helped Terry play with his new aero kit (okay, mostly watched and chuckled and took pix). He wasn’t ready to drill holes and mount it today, just wanted to get the idea, so he opted to use black duct tape instead. I’m not kidding. The pics are in the photo gallery. Super fun(ny?). Oh, for those who didn’t catch it, an FSTB is a front strut tower brace – it stiffens up the front end of my car, helps it to corner less like a school bus… 🙂 So that was super cool, and i’m now convinced i need a transmission cooler and a Y-pipe, so those bumped up the want list, right below CAI and clear corners. (Translation for non-motor-heads: blah blah blah i want toys for my car blah blah blah). I work tomorrow nite again at t-way, but i’m glad i’m doing it, cause my budget projections show me being slightly less broke by the end of the month, instead of being continually more broke every month like i have been. So that’s a super good thing.

And so it’s been like a week, but i just wanted to share that i had a great time in MT for homecoming weekend. It was excellent to see all 3 of my grandparents, and to spend an evening with Mom and Dad, and to hang out all weekend with Danielle and my friends in Bozeman. It was nice to go back, if not a little weird, and i managed to not spend much money and still enjoy myself. I think the highlight was probably the bbq at Tim’s farmhouse, where Danielle, Michelle, Sasha and i laughed the nite away and ate the largest hamburgers i’ve ever seen in my life (they had to be over a pound each). It was genuine, friendly and relaxing, the type of gathering that is bozeman’s trademark and the one thing i do miss about that town. So thanks, Tim, you throw a fantastic party! The drive home sunday was a bit long – Annie and i just about went crazy by the end, and if it hadn’t been for the celebrity alphabet game i think we would have given up and just stayed in Moses Lake. But we made it back to our sparkling city intact, vowing to fly the next time no matter what we have to sell on ebay to afford it.

Oh, and i didn’t win the lottery friday nite. But there’s always next week!

Full schedule, fuller life

Technically, it’s still sept 29 for another 3 minutes. But i figure by the time i finish this it will be the 30th, so i’m gonna post-date it. Hey, i’m the boss here, it’s whatever i say, sahright? This working late at thriftway thing has kind of screwed up my sleep schedule (which was pretty irregular already). At about 9 i start thinking it’s bedtime, but then come 10:30 i’m wide awake and ready for another round. So i stay up late watching tv or surfing, or usually both at once, and find myself (like right now) sitting on the living room floor hunched over my laptop at the coffee table in the wee hours of the morning. You know, i think i actually do have a desk, but it’s piled so high with computer parts, post-it notes and paperwork that i’m not sure there’s still a desk under there. Plus, i can’t see the tv from there. And i think it’s a carried-over habit from the hotter summer months, when it was unbearable to sit anywhere near the west-facing windows – which is the precise location of said desk. Either way, i’m going to have a curved spine from always sitting over a laptop, to match my ulcers and those nice cavities i keep developing. It says “organ donor” on my driver’s license, but i have a feeling they’d be hard put to find any salvagable parts…

Speaking of thriftway, that is going well. I’ve settled down to 2-3 shifts a week, and they’re sometimes 4 hour stints, not always the 6 hour longies. Doing a 6 after doing 8+ at jls (John L Scott) that day really wipes me out. That reminds me – i was going to iron my shirts for thriftway tonite, so i wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow between jobs while i’m trying to wolf down dinner. Doh! Good thing it only takes one hand to microwave a pizza bagel, so i can iron with the other. Anyway, my coworkers at thriftway are turning out to be pretty cool, and i was even able to get the latter part of this coming week off. Why, you ask? Well…

…so i can head back to MT for a long weekend! I’ll be in Missoula wed nite sometime (probably late), spend thurs visiting family (and Ann!), and then on to Bozeman friday morning, to spend the weekend with Danielle and enjoy the homecoming festivities. Sara is flying back for the weekend, and everybody who’s anybody will come back to town for at least a little bit of it, so it should be a great chance to see everyone. I’ll try and take a zillion pictures, and i got all my dialup settings ready tonite for traveling, so i can keep you updated on my adventures. Probably won’t put the pix up until i get back, tho, cause… Hello! Dialup! I’m really excited to go back, to see Mom and Dad and the grandparents, and to see Danielle and meet her new kitten, Ferris, and to hang out in Bozeman as an alumni (i paid my alum association dues, baby!). It’s my first vacation since i went to Bozeman to pick up Danielle in may, and my first time driving the Max back to MT since i moved here last october. So i’m really jacked, i’ve already started packing, and i’m wishing and hoping and praying that the state of idaho hasn’t had a chance to gravel their roads yet…

What a crazy awesome week!

Okay, so since i couldn’t get connected over a dialup and Danielle’s connection got shut off way early, we were unplugged until last night, so i’m just getting to update you all at work today. Needed something fun to do while i’m here, right? Danielle and i made it back to Seattle last night about 7pm, stiff, tired and pretty much criminally insane. We spent waaaaay too much time in the car on too little sleep and were really fidgety and delirious by the time the trip was over. But we survived, and went to bed early (9.30!) and are doing better today.

So, to summarize the weekend, i hung out with a bunch of fun people i hadn’t seen in a while, got Danielle all packed up and moved, and pretty much had a lovely time. Some highlights include: Great dinner at Montana Aleworks (well, appetizers and beer) with Gabbye, Josh, Kris & Megan (have some funny pictures from that, which are forthcoming). Mother’s Day dinner with family (some funny pictures there, too). Nutty roadtrip with Danielle (again, some funny pictures, although for most of the trip we were too tired to be particularly photogenic). Gabbye’s generous hospitality (thanks Gab! You rock! Have fun in Reno!). Catching up with Nate after a chance meeting in the hallway. Driving for 4 hours with Danielle’s fish in a rubbermaid lunchbox (no sharp corners!). Having a nervous breakdown in my first hour home because I couldn’t find my mailbox key (it was in my car, in a cupholder). All in all, a very eventful weekend. I have some photos prepped and ready to upload, will try and get that done tonight. Sorry, i don’t have any pix of me having a nervous breakdown – you’re just going to have to use your imaginations.

Back on campus

I have arrived! Made it to Bozeman ok, there’s a ton of snow on the ground and they almost sent my plane back to Seattle, but at just the right moment the sky cleared allowing us safe passage by way of gravity and a rather rough landing. It’s a little weird to be back, especially since it feels like summer out west and is definitely still winter here (not to mention the whole being-back-in-the-town-i-left-behind thing), but it’s good to see everyone again and Danielle and i are already having a great time together! The Baxter was our first stop after the airport, to greet Christian, Temby, Ty, Brian and (hey, surprise! since when is she is Bozeman!) Kristin! A couple drinks, then a quick stop at the grocery store on our way home to buy breakfast food, which we promptly broke into and made ourselves a midnight omelette before bed. Which leads me to now, me updating you all over a hideously slow (but nevertheless appreciated) aol connection from inside the much-hallowed halls of my alma mater. So here i am; the adventure begins. And with that, i shall retire.

Had a most excellent weekend

Had a most excellent weekend at the lake with Carrie and her awesome family! The fun continued right into the week with a relaxing Monday afternoon with my parents in Bozeman followed by dinner with Tyson & Elliot (Erika, you’re a slacker for not coming along!) and an evening of “cultural exprience” at Kris and Lambert’s Youth Hostel. I finished up the trip by having brunch with Christian, Shanna and Danielle (some of whom were skipping class, but I won’t mention any names) before jumping back on the freeway. An added bonus: Angela, who’s from the same region of Italy as my great-grandfather, rode back to Seattle with me. We had a great time talking about wine, food, Italy and America. Thanks for a great drive, Angela!

Today I resigned from Logistic Systems

Today I resigned from Logistic Systems, to pursue my dreams of success in Seattle. Still don’t have a job out there, but some good prospects that I won’t mention lest I jinx them. I’ll give you a hint, though. One of them starts with an A. I’m going to move in with Josh probably Wednesday (thanks, Josh!)

BTW, to Tim: Bwah, ha ha ha!

Before I get that far, however, I’m going to spend this weekend in the Bo-zone (a little) and then at Ennis lake with Carrie and her family. It’s been a whole two weeks since I’ve seen Danielle, so of course I’m going to hang out with her, too.

Well, I’m actually done.

Well, I’m actually done. After a wonderful weekend of family, friends and record-breaking sunshine I’m home in Missoula looking back on it all. It sure went quickly and it really hasn’t all sunk in yet; I don’t think it will seem real until August when I don’t go back to school. Thanks to everyone who visited me in Bozeman or sent their regards. I’ll try to keep in touch!