My Big Fat Seafair Weekend

Yet another weekend of Seattle’s amazing floating festival has made me even more sure I definitely need a boat of some sort, no matter how ugly, slow or ancient it ends up being. If you live near Seattle and have never been on Lake Washington for Seafair weekend, you really aren’t a true Seattleite. Everyone finds a way onto the lake for the weekend, in everything from massive yachts to fishing boats, from antique paddleboats to inflatable dinghys.

I pulled my phone out a few times for pictures, especially of the crazy exodus under the I-90 floating bridge, but most of what happens at Seafair needs to stay at Seafair, so I kept it stowed most of the time. Also, there’s a lot of water flying around – via squirt guns and water ballons, and once even from the upturned props of a yacht determined to win a water fight. Next year I might actually remember to buy a couple disposables. Anyway, enjoy the couple of shots I took of the incredibly fun chaos that is Seafair. Huge thanks to my boat-owning friends for letting me tag along this year! Next year I hope to tie my own up alongside yours. 🙂








I’ve been cheating on you with a Finnish girl.

I realize it’s been a long couple of weeks. It has for me, too, but in a good way. I’m sure you’ve all been managing without me, finding your dosage of ‘)”>ugly animal pictures that are their antidote. You’ve probably turned elsewhere for your stories of stupid people making the news and found new examples of ‘)”>random humorous anecdotes to keep the internet spinning ’round in my absence. Really, i’d be surprised if you’re back at all… there really is so much out there.

For my part, i’ve been keeping a full social calendar thus far in 2006, partly as a recovery from a holiday season filled with traveling, errands, career moves and 27 consecutive days of rain and partly because i feel i can afford it now, even though a first paycheck from the new job won’t arrive until Feb. On the job subject, i’ve been doing a bit of working 😉 and it’s going very well. A great new team that i’m really beginning to feel at home with and only one more week of walking halfway across downtown from my old parking spot because i refuse to not park in a spot that’s still paid for.

I’ve also been geeking out with my ‘)”>amazingly cool software that i was totally unaware of until i joined the Bluetooth cool kids’ club. Unwrapping some new tech is always fun, and no disparagement intended for my new ‘)”>FrontRow using my phone as the remote. And then there’s the RSS reader and the tiny-screen-sized versions of Opera, Google Maps and pretty much the rest of the internet. It’s such a powerful device i’m finding new things it’s capable of every day. You’ll know these moments by the giggling accompanied by a look like there’s a balloon being blown up inside me and i just need to tell someone what i’ve discovered or i’m going to explode.

Regardless of my preoccupations, however, i’m still committed to pointing out the ‘)”>Finnish mistress and i have a very open relationship.

Oh, and don’t mind the beeping coming from my head. That’s just my neural implants reading my SMS messages.

I need 8 thousand dollars, fast!

Blame it on the weather, but i’m lusting after a boat. I found the perfect one on nice boat! craigslist. It’s exactly what i want – twin outboards, twin engines, a cuddy cabin big enough to take a nap in, a mini fridge for drinks, and even that saucy wing over the back – i don’t know what those are called in nautical terms, but i really like how they look. I think you can hook a wakeboard rope to them, yes? Plus the three-spoke racing steering wheel, and look how many gauges and switches on the dash! That’s the mark of a true luxury yacht. True, it’s older than me (a 1977) but it still looks hot! Financed for 5 years that’s only $148 a month, right? I’d go get a night job right now, but i think that the amount of moonlighting it would take to make the payment, pay $200/mo or more in slip fees plus $100 a weekend in gas would probably leave me without any time to enjoy it! Either that, or i’d have to put my furniture in storage, cancel my lease, and live on the boat. You can get broadband internet on Lake Washington… right?

Seafair marvels

Had a great nite on the boat with Dawn and Kim, and we hit up happy hour at the Whale Maker for a great deal on seafood and drinks! Authentic and tasty!

Check out Brad Brace’s 12-hour project, he’s been posting a black and white photo (usually a city scene) every 12 hours since december 1994! That’s dedication…

Had a great time watching the Mariners thrash Detroit wednesday nite with my favorite paper monkey, Julia. Her company seats are awesome and we had a ton of fun – thanx for inviting me, J!

Lindsay and Adam are starting to build their website (mercifully, the long-since-exhausted ‘coming march 2002’ banner has finally come down). So in addition to amusing pictures of their cats, you can now enjoy Lindsay’s blog ramblings and links to things they deem worthy (i predict it will be heavy on cat toys manufacturers and TiVo hacking forums).

The Blue Angels have been scaring the royal rastafarian nay-nays off of the populace all day. A couple of the low runs over west seattle shook the house like a quake, rattling the windows and creaking the floors. In their path they left barking dogs, crying babies, wailing car alarms, and a wide swath of white painting the blue sky. Well, kinda blue sky, not so blue around the edges as it’s been several weeks since any rain and the 5-year-record-high temps (low 90s) aren’t helping anyone conserve energy. Hopefully the haze won’t conceal the air show all weekend…

I for one (and i don’t think i’m alone in this) totally love this part of SeaFair, and practically get the giggles every time a dark blue fighter jet roars over my house, or banks past the downtown highrises. My big thrill is the juxtaposition of such disparate things, seeing (and feeling!) military jets circling the city or watching the huge warships dock downtown – sometime tomorrow the navy fleet is supposed to arrive and fill up harbor island with massive gray armaments. Then all day saturday we’ll be partying on the lake, watching the hydro races and throwing water balloons at passing pleasure yachts. It’s gonna be a great weekend! SeaFair rocks! 😀

Excellent weekends are so short

For starters, a big happy birthday to Ja’Neille (it was actually yesterday) – hope you had a rockin’ weekend!

I personally had a most excellent weekend of summer fun. Josh, Kim and myself hosted a killer bbq saturday nite, and despite a treacherous and unsuccessful trek in search of fully operational tiki torches, we pulled it off smoothly and had a great time. A good crowd of our friends were able to make it, nobody parked in front of the neighbor’s driveway enciting a feud, no grillables plummeted into the flames, all of the snack food disappeared, and we retained a small cache of beverages to supplement our boating adventures for the next few weekends. Clint, Christi, Travis, Jason and Christie would have met more people if they hadn’t been so anti-social. j/k! 😉 I have yet to exact my revenge on Clint for hitting me squarely in the forehead with a projectile grape in mid-sentence, so he better be watching his back! Bwah ha ha ha! I’m also very glad that Becky, Gabe, Duncan, Lucas, Erika, several of Kim’s coworkers and a random assortment of Josh’s soccer teams were able to join us!

Being the very capable party planners that we are, sunday cleanup was easy (very few dishes – yay!) leaving us plenty of time to be on the lake! After a small adventure into Georgetown to locate Wiley’s watersports and buy a ski tube, Kim and I raced to Seattle Boat to meet Becky, arriving just as they were loading our vessel into the water. We took off right away, and then hit a small snag (figuratively) when Erika arrived right behind us, only to be stranded on shore in an area too shallow for an aquatic approach. Enter Officer Friendly and his police launch, who was kind enough to escort an embarrassed Erika from the shore out to us. She felt silly climbing on board, toting a small cooler full of beer and a waterski, but he was very pleasant – turned out to be from Butte, to which we all said “I’m sorry”, triggering a group laugh. We passed him a couple times during the day with sheepish waves, feeling like the teacher’s pet because the waterway patrol knew who we were. 🙂

Anyway, so after a brief swim and a treacherous tube ride (not so much because Kim and I were having difficulty staying on the tube together, but because Erika the Banshee was driving) we picked up Erika’s boyfriend Erik (Erika and Erik, cute, huh?) and band member Mike in Kirkland. The rest of the afternoon flew by, filled with sunshine, splashing, and the discovery that a full bottle of beer floats very poorly. After docking up we hit the Northlake Tavern for 6 pounds of excellent pizza (that’s total, not each), laughed at the irony when only-person-who-brought-dry-clothes Becky found herself wearing a glass of water thanks to the swift reach of Erika, and were home and in bed by midnight, just enough sleep to leave me on time for work but feeling all day like i should still be in bed! 😉 But what an excellent weekend!