Good friends don’t mind that you’re broke

Hey all, just another random tuesday on a sunny-yet-cold spring day. Went to puyallup for work, always a little crazy down there, but at least stuff seemed to work ok. Always breaks after we leave, tho, right about when we’re over halfway home. 😉

Have a dentist appt tomorrow, hate those, i always dread hearing how much more it’s going to cost me. I don’t even care about the pain anymore – i really think i’d take a longer, more painful option if it was free. I have like 38 more monthly payments until my fillings from last spring are paid off… last thing i need is more! Wish me luck on that…

Work is getting a little frustrating just cause we have so many things to do and so little organization, and i keep getting roped into projects that i don’t have the authority or control to do right, but people get frustrated with me anyway. So that’s annoying… but whatever, it’s not insurance. 😉

It’s Grama Frances’s birthday today, so i need to remember to call her tonite. This friday is Kim’s birthday, but she’ll be gone skiing with her dad in utah, so her party’s scheduled for next friday, the 14th. Which works great, cause that’s when Danielle and Miguel will be here. Btw, anyone who’s reading this, drop me a line or call if you wanna come, i’d love to see ya. Assuming, that is, that you live in the area – wouldn’t want anyone flying in just for hummus and heinekens. 😀

Steph and Libby and i had tacos and zingers for dinner and discussed our various frustrations and headaches, career-wise and otherwise. We were all just in one of those moods, where you have fun no matter what and everything seems funny. The best kind.

So work’s a little stressful, and money’s a little tight, but at least it’s sunny, and i have some good friends to spend the time with (who don’t mind that i’m broke), so life is good!

Hopefully this lotto ticket works out equally well.

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…. oh, sorry, nick-at-nite flashback. I do have a cool story for ya, though. Well, i think it’s cool. So i paid rent on sunday, right, the 5th, the day it’s due. Trouble is, i get paid friday, the 10th. Well, actually, sometime thursday nite, the 9th, thanks to the miracle of the automated clearing house system. But it’s my last month in this apartment, the last time i’ll be paying them rent, and i’m really not happy with them anyway. And i looked in the lease, and it’d be cheaper to bounce my rent check than to pay 4 days in late fees. Sooo…. i wrote the check. 😉 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, i had a couple checks to deposit, so i stuck them in the mail on the 3rd (friday). Citibank has been the best bank i’ve ever worked with, but the one fault of their service is that the nearest branch office is in L.A. or Chicago. :[ So i mail my deposits, usually it takes about 7-9 days for them to post. I mean, at least they give me postage-paid envelopes, that’s super cool. Pretty much wasn’t counting on those to make it until sometime next week. I think you see where this is going…

So i log into the bank today and whattayaknow, the rent check hasn’t posted yet, but the deposits have! In what, 5 days? That rocks! Obviously, the big guy upstairs has His thumb on the banking system, and is keeping an eye out for me. Thanx! I was expecting the worst, and once again slid by with less than an inch to spare. Gabe, what were you saying yesterday about luck and survival instinct…? 😀