Autocross is neat-o.

I’m trying to be quick, cause i was supposed to do all this stuff today, and so far i’ve spent all day in front of a couple dumb computers… exactly what i try to not do on my days off. 😉 But i know it’s monday for everyone else, so i’ll try to ease your first day back at work with something interesting to click on.

Just wanted to follow-up that autocross yesterday was a total blast. I was all nervous – for no particular reason that i can pin down – right up until i had turned the first corner… then i was just having a blast and wishing i had turned the music up louder and that the course took longer than 54 seconds. A great time, a really well-done event, and i’ll be watching out for more chances to hit that up, for sure. And for all of you that must know, yes, i hit some cones – one on my second run, i just clipped it with my rear tire, and another on my third, although to be fair i didn’t see that one coming, as my car was going backwards at the time. 😉

So anyway, here’s the four pics i took when i wasn’t huddled inside someone’s car trying to keep warm or queuing in the grid lineup. I’ll try to take more next time, mkay?

Now, in celebratory fashion, go read about this guy’s attempt to visit 1000 bars in the year 2005. Gridskipper has nominated him for a “Purple Liver Award”, although i think come december he may be more interested in transfusions than trophys… but just think of all the funny stories he’ll have!

Think happy thoughts about the number 181

I’m feeling all cool cause i just printed off my number for the WWSCC “slush run” autocross next sunday! Yeah, i’m in the novice class, cause i’ve never done it before, but i like it when the expectations aren’t too high. 😉 Plus… i haven’t done it before. Troy told me about it and i just couldn’t pass up a day in a giant parking lot full of cones and fast cars, for the low-low price of 25 smackers! That’s a steal of a deal, btw. It’s up in everett at one of Boeing’s many spare parking lots (now that no one works there they have lots of empty space. 😉 Should be a wild time! I’ll try and take pictures.

It’s all warm and pleasant outside this week, which sucks, cause that prevents it from snowing in the mountains. But hopefully the snow levels are still building, even if it’s very slowly. I watch the Snoqualmie webcams all day at work. I can see the snow from here!

When i’m not staring at my 2″ square pixelated links to the outside world, i do other stuff, too. Today i built this nifty calendar thingy for the team’s site so events people post up to share end up in the forum calendar, and the chronologically closest few appear on the front page. Another nifty PHP/MySQL project that, now that’s it’s built and working, will require very little intervention from me to continue creating and changing site content. I love stuff like that. My next project is going to involve getting these entries to type themselves via a telepathic link. So if you see me sitting at my desk with a tinfoil hat on, that might be what i’m working on…