Blackhawk Automotive Museum – Danville CA – October 2013

Two firsts for me on this one: my first high-quality collection from an automotive museum – the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA – and the first time I’ve gone to the extra effort captioning every single photo with the year/make of each car. Since it was a museum everything was perfectly labeled, making the second job at least doable, and these cars just felt too special and unique to be captured in anonymity. Also, there are least a few custom coach-built machines here that wouldn’t have been recognizable otherwise, amidst an already timeless grouping of vintage Cadillac, Packard, Mercedes Benz, Duesenberg, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Auburn, Ford, Dodge, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and even Isotta vehicles. There are some real treasures in here – enjoy!

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

SEMA Las Vegas – November 2011

More insanely custom rides, meticulous detailing, original machine work, and incredible cars than I’ve ever seen in one place. There are over 1300 photos because I saw so many things that I wanted to remember, but if you’re just looking for a quick review, click here for my top 40 favorites.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

On the streets in central London

London is an incredible city, full of history at every turn and more culturally diverse than the United Nations on bring-your-family-to-work day. It’s a place that truly embodies expressions like “hole in the wall”, as the curved streets, winding alleys, dead-end “mews” and never-ending canyons of brick and cobblestone mean there are literally thousands of gems – clubs, restaurants, pubs, stores – that you might only find by chance, on a recommendation, or by getting lost.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, especially of things I don’t ever see in Seattle. For example, there have been some great British cars driving around:

As well as some vehicle owners with questionable taste:

And definitely some stores we don’t have at home:

More when I get a chance, but suffice to say that London has been a very cool experience so far!