Rather than start off this entry with details of my boring life, let’s jump right into some current events. Coffee is good for you. Leave it to the Italians to figure that out. Apparently the stronger the better, too; espresso is practically a health shake in a shot glass. I love Italy!

So i’m just re-reading that last bit and thinking “if my life is so boring how have i filled a weblog about it for the last, oh [searching] four years? More importantly, why have i brought myself to the brink of repetitive stress injuries typing all those 4,5,7 and sometimes upwards of [gasp] 9-letter words all for naught? Well, i suppose to make my dent in civilization. Granted it’s so far been a dent of the parking-lot-door-ding variety, but i still harbor hope that i have time remaining to upgrade that to something in the it’s-time-for-a-new-fender category. I’m afraid i’ve missed the window for becoming anyone of barringer crater-sized significance, having piled up my college debt skiing and playing frisbee rather than at MIT or NASA flight school, but i still feel like there’s some room left for growth before i hit my glass ceiling. Perhaps also, i’m driven by a very American desire to colonize a new frontier. And i’ve been vindicated, at least a little bit, as i’m part of the permanent record of the internet at archive.org. Go ahead, plug in my url (or your own!) and see what part of my/your history is now part of the history of human civilization. Or just reminisce over how much cooler my previous site designs were than this orange boxy mess… whatever you want.

And now over to our chief meteorologist for an update… It’s sunny today and i still don’t have t-tops. Might have to take a can opener to the sentra. Making progress, tho. Jason and Mike were a huge help saturday, Clint helped a ton sunday, and even Steph came out and sniffed some carb cleaner, er… helped out too. 😉

Even tho i was able to get the transmission attached to the motor last nite, i’m enlisting Eric’s help tomorrow to pull it back off, as i’m really not happy with the condition of the clutch release bearing, so i ordered a new one today. Even with that, tho, i think it will be ready for drop-in by the end of tuesday nite. Eric and i might even get ambitious and throw it in ourselves. I’m totally on track to be tuning it with Jason on sunday, which is very exciting. At the same time, it’s very sunny and nice today and i have no t-tops. Which makes me sad. But only temporarily… i will find something caffeinated, and it will all be better until sunday. 😉