Sakuracon – April 2011

Danielle and I spent a couple hours this afternoon moving through the lobby and exhibition floor at Sakuracon – an annual anime, gaming and Japanese culture convention – marveling at the cleverness and dedication of the vast array of costumes. I posted a few photos of some of our favorites, but with close to 20,000 attendees there are probably a lot of great ones we missed.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

Uh, no particular topic

What’s the deal with time moving so fast, anyway? The last two weeks have felt like a whirlwind…

Trip to MT was great, it was awesome to see Mom and Dad and see how their new house is coming along. It’s going to be really cool (pix coming!), even despite the washboard roads and early-morning livestock fiascos. Tonya and Jared’s wedding was a great chance to see them, and catch up with a few others. A sunny, amazing weekend to travel, too. Lance, Matt and I caught the new Charlie’s Angels movie back in missoula sunday, which is great, and joined Grama and Grampa, Grama Frances, Aunt Judy & Uncle Gordy, Jennifer & Anthony, Taylor, Zachary, and Mom & Dad for McKenzie River pizza at Rowdy’s Cabin. Overall, a great vacation, although i did come back somewhat less than rested. 😉

Christian finally got his phone fixed just before i left, so feeling a little less disconnected there. I called him at sunday brunch and passed the phone so he could congratulate Tonya, too – ironically, he was at a wedding reception at the time. He’s hoping to run the Florence marathon in october (yes, in Florence, Italy!) and i’m going to try and cross-schedule my trip to be there waiting at the finish line! I have the money all saved up, gonna start shopping for plane tickets pretty soon. So exciting!

Gabe returned to Seattle from air force tech school on friday, so since i’ve been home monday we’ve been hanging out nonstop. Helped him pick up his Honda streetbike (pix coming!) from the repair shop, and now that the frame is straight we’re both seeing the potential to make it really cool, and are really excited to start working on it. He’s gonna be stationed at McChord AFB in tacoma, so he’ll be around awhile – we’re gonna do all sorts of stuff. 😉 We also rolled thru Sturtevant’s, an awesome ski shop (staffed with cool, friendly people despite being on the eastside) and a found a sweet DNA ski jacket for half off – part of my watch-for-good-deals-on-gear-so-i’m-outfitted-by-next-season plan. Sweet!

Found a bunch more cool anime movies and some japanese musicians that are really cool – added a few of them to my Amazon wishlist. Feel free to buy me something. 😉 I ordered Akira on DVD and it arrived just before i left, so i haven’t watched it yet. I’m excited, tho – it’s one of the cornerstones of modern japanese animation, and digitally remastered in DTS it’s supposed to be really impressive.

Headed to Woodburn, OR (near Portland) with the NWNismo crew tomorrow morning, for a track day and some vacation time. Hopefully, i’ll be able to scam a ride down there in somebody’s Z32 (Clint? Christi? Hint hint!) but as long as i make it down there, i expect i’ll have a good time. Patrick is rolling down to Cali tomorrow morning, too, so we might caravan with him as far as Portland. He’s gonna be gone until sept 21st – it’s gonna be lonely around here for the summer! And he’s gonna miss out on some serious boat time… 😉 That’s today’s plan, btw. I still need to do some laundry and pack tonite, but hopefully i’ll be done with work a bit early, to meet Kim at home and head for Lake Union and some watery summer fun! If ya wanna go, gimme a call… 😀