Amazon debuts frustration-free packaging

Like I needed another reason to spend money I don’t have on shiny things from that Amazon “recommended for Brian” page, they’ve announced “frustration-free” packaging on select products, with a hopefully-growing list of items sold in simple (and recyclable) cardboard containers. No more tearing open those evil blister packs with my teeth, or risking death and/or amputation by wrestling them apart with a kitchen knife, can opener, or pair of dull scissors. Something I’ve been dreaming of for years has finally arrived – hooray!

Amazon issued a press release today announcing the beginning of this effort, and have created an alternate storefront (at ) to browse items available this way. The list looked pretty short today but I’ll definitely be revisiting it.

As you can expect, this is a popular effort, both with frustrated consumers and the environmentally-aware media. In fact, the only ones who aren’t embracing the change are consumers who had previously invested in their own solution:
jaws of life

April fools, fools!

Such a silly holiday. I personally think april’s a pretty cool month, and not just because my birthday is this month… 😉 I mean, baseball season starts, spring gets rolling, Danielle spends a week visiting… oh, wait, wasn’t she just here? Yeah, you’re right. She flew in last nite for an interview with Alaska airlines, but that didn’t pan out, so she’s going to stay for Horizon’s recruiting session thursday. So we get a free week to hang out together! Too bad i have to work… Hmm… did i have a point at the start of this? Um, yeah, april fool’s day is lame. Anyway, so that’s fun. I took a half day on monday to pick her up at seatac, and we went shopping downtown, a beautiful sunny day to spend wandering through shops and picking at fruit from the market. Btw, don’t always trust the signs; sometimes ‘seedless’ grapes have seeds…

It isn’t all 100-miles-an-hour around here, at least not over the weekend. Wandered down to south puyallup saturday afternoon, amidst another incredible summer-ish day, to spend the evening at Jason’s. Had a great time mixing drinks and playing cards in the garage, watching movies of questionable cinematic quality and ‘classic’ 80’s reruns, and generally just being lazy. Slept in late. Ate microwave food. Sat on the patio in the sun. Didn’t eat lunch until 4pm… 😉 Thanx again Jason, it was a great vacation from reality and we need to do it more often!

Tonite D and i are watching Spaceballs while i compose a cover letter to forward to Josh – he’s going to help me score a sweet development job at Amazon, right Josh? 😀 In the meantime, tomorrow’s wednesday and – even better – thursday is payday!