First step in what will become a long and illustrious modeling career

John saw a familiar face in his Crutchfield email flier today – mine! Back in August 2006 when I bought my QX4 I ordered a new Alpine deck from Jeremy, a slow-talking Texan with a head for electronics and my guy on Crutchfield’s telephone advisor team. A few days after my successful order, already many head-banging hours of Alpine goodness into my new vehicular music experience, Tara from Crutchfield’s creative team hit me up for a customer testimonial plug, and I happily obliged – I’ve always had great service there and the $25 gift card didn’t hurt, either. 😉 Clint helped me take a few pictures inside my truck one sunny afternoon, and I sent them off to Tara. I checked the catalog every month for a few months, paging through in search of my smiling mug, but eventually forgot or assumed they had deemed my look not “catalog” enough.

Eighteen months later, here I am, plugging their new Alpine gear. Look who’s gonna be America’s next top model! Take that, Tyra Banks!


Clint, congratulations, you’ve been published! You’re now a professional photographer – feel free to add that to your resume.

Finetune Friday

I’m taking my first crack at Jon’s Finetune Friday, although I’m already half a day late as it’s nearly noon. His theme this time is the vintage 80’s Mr Men series – I picked “Mr Snow”.

My intention was to handpick hundreds of tracks with the appropriate bpm and the perfect balance of hard beats and motivating vocals to blend into the soundtrack of an ultimate downhill skiing (or snowboarding – I’m not judging anyone) powder day experience. Instead, due to time constraints, I basically pulled the 50 most-played songs off my iPod Shuffle (my defacto ski buddy) and, well, there you go. May it motivate you to huck those jumps, grind those rails and bomb those cliffs like never before… despite that it’s July and it was 84 here yesterday. 😉