NWMotiv inMotion Show – September 2013

I’m very happy that my first foray back into the show circuit with my new stereo/trunk setup snagged my Z a first place trophy! Despite torrential rains all day it was a good show, and it turns out watching drift events in the rain is quieter, less smoky and kind of nice. Also, there was a beer garden.

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NW Toy Run – December 2010

Cold but sunny and a giant pile of toys to make Christmas merry for some less-fortunate kids. We were especially excited for this year’s run because we pooled our own money with the remains of the NWImports team fund for a huge Toys R Us shopping spree and a trunkload full of great toys. Cara found us Santa hats and I even cut vinyl Toys For Tots graphics for our 2-car caravan.

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DNBC Show – Vancouver BC – September 2010

Sunday was not an ideal day for a roadtrip, what with the early fog, the persistent drizzle, and the occasional wall of smashing rain, but Cara and I made the best of it and trekked to North Vancouver BC for what has become my annual end-of-season tradition, the DNBC Show at Waterfront Park. The grass was swampy and the group was small, but we still had a great time with our fellow non-weather-dependent gearheads and I came home with the Best In Class trophy in the Modern Coupe class. It’s a custom, handmade one that Richard put together that I was especially excited to earn.

Cara is a fantastic roadtrip partner and not only put up with but actually enjoyed all the open hoods, car talk, highway time, and getting semi-lost on the way home looking for souvenirs in Surrey – I can’t wait for our next adventure. 🙂

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Infiniti of Tacoma Show – August 2010

Today’s show at Infiniti of Tacoma was a little smaller than hoped, as it seems many people were afraid of a little drizzle this morning and opted to sleep in. For those of us that attended, it was well-run and stacked with some very nice cars, in addition to the rows of Infiniti’s that are there every day. Jason’s 88 Silvia was one such ride – a perfectly detailed and meticulously developed car that easily took home the Best of Show award. It’s pretty much the entire first page of my gallery.

Tyler cleaned up the Best Infiniti category with his super clean blue G35, and I came home with both the Best Performance Mods trophy and Best Nissan (!). Honestly, it’s only because Jason’s Silvia already took the top honors that Best Nissan fell to me, but I’m still very flattered by both of them.

In addition to the sheetmetal scenery, the gallery includes a few more of my trophies after I got them home, along with some action shots of a sweet 1:10 scale RC car drifting around a Mt Dew can.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.