Blackhawk Automotive Museum – Danville CA – October 2013

Two firsts for me on this one: my first high-quality collection from an automotive museum – the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA – and the first time I’ve gone to the extra effort captioning every single photo with the year/make of each car. Since it was a museum everything was perfectly labeled, making the second job at least doable, and these cars just felt too special and unique to be captured in anonymity. Also, there are least a few custom coach-built machines here that wouldn’t have been recognizable otherwise, amidst an already timeless grouping of vintage Cadillac, Packard, Mercedes Benz, Duesenberg, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Auburn, Ford, Dodge, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and even Isotta vehicles. There are some real treasures in here – enjoy!

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NWMotiv inMotion Show – September 2013

I’m very happy that my first foray back into the show circuit with my new stereo/trunk setup snagged my Z a first place trophy! Despite torrential rains all day it was a good show, and it turns out watching drift events in the rain is quieter, less smoky and kind of nice. Also, there was a beer garden.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

The Programmers Never Forget

I know it’s not personal and no one at any of these places even knows today is my birthday, but I still appreciate the annual deluge of auto-generated birthday wish emails. I think about all of the programmers building this feature into all of these web forums, CRM systems and email marketing platforms, telling themselves “this will be a cool thing, customers will appreciate this.” I know so many engineers that love to make the world better with their work… thanks, all of you!

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.06.05 AM

Banner Ads Circa 1999

I’m consolidating and organizing some data backups today, adding files to Amazon Glacier storage using the fantastic Arq client, and just like when I dig through the boxes in the back of my closet, I’m finding all sorts of gems.

Here’s a great one – I was researching the specs and mechanics of banner advertising in June 1999, and collected a few samples of different approaches. Boy, how far we have come:

Remember this classic approach? Make your ad look like a popup window. And then when someone clicks the close box to get rid of it… boom! CTR lift.

Microsoft was still talking about “the intranet”, because connecting all the computers in your office was still a revolutionary idea.

Here are the rest of my vintage collection, posted for posterity and/or my own amusement: