I’m just a news-posting maniac this week.

I’m just a news-posting maniac this week. Got those graduation announcements printed, and they’re going in the mail tomorrow. For those of you who can’t wait that long, here’s the low-down:

    May 12, 2001, Noon, Shroyer Gym, MSU campus (duh)

    We’ll have a reception afterward, location tba.

    Email me for more details or to rsvp. BTW, I would love to see you all there, but I understand if you can’t make the trip. Also, I’m not sending you an announcement because I want a present; I just want you to know what I’m up to lately. No ulterior motives.

Wow, two posts this week.

Wow, two posts this week. I must not have any classes… So, happy St. Patrick’s Day! We got back from Seattle yesterday (with almost 2k more miles on the Maxima) after having a blast for a week in my favorite city. Our last meal in the city was an excellent sushi dinner with Jason at Musashi’s, and Josh and I agreed upon the perfect beach on which to find an apartment. C’mon baby, I need a job! Thanks, Jason, for being such a great host.

Today is corned beef dinner with the extended family, one of my favorites. And I washed and waxed the Maxima today. Life just doesn’t get any better!

Posting from Seattle

I’m actually posting this from Seattle, where Josh and Danielle and I are for the week. The sun’s just coming up over the city, traffic is starting to move, people are appearing on the sidewalks. It’s great to be here again! Now I just need a job here, and I’ll be set…