I almost dare not speak its name

Oooh, it’s Monday! A day for staying in bed, pulling the covers over your head and pretending the world does not exist outside the boundaries of your flannel sheets. A day for snoozing the alarm, falling asleep in the shower, nicking yourself shaving and staring, dumbfounded, at the closet with not the slightest inclination of what to wear. A day for shuddering at the touch of the cold bathroom floor. For gagging on your multivitamins at breakfast. For spilling milk on yourself, and the fridge, and the floor. A day for missing your exit, hitting the curb when you park, closing your jacket in the car door and tripping on a loose flap of industrial, office carpet. A day so wrought with perils and pitfalls that it can only be described with one word, a word that strikes fear in the hearts of the working class, a word that summons up all that is wrong about selling your time and talents (or maybe just your time) for money, a word such as “Monday.”

Although breakfast is technically not included

Happy February! What’s happy about February, you ask? Well, it certainly isn’t me trying to type February! Augh! Who thought of that name?

Christian gets here in less than a week, and Danielle with him. I made 200 bucks on ebay this week which was supposed to be fun money for then, but I spent it on other stuff – oh, well! It’s just money, right? Work is sucking today, as always. I really want to ask the guys moving furniture next door how much they get paid – they seem to be having a great deal more fun. Sent out some more resumes this week, no bites yet. I found another position at MusicNet that sounds cool, although it’s on a contract basis. I still like the company; what I really like about them is that they’re hiring…

Plans for the weekend include a superbowl party @ Lindsay’s (oh, and Adam lives there, too, and Shadow) and some heavy-duty reorganizing at home with Josh, trying to make room for our houseguests. If we could think of a catchy name, we’d open a B&B.

Maybe if the wake up calls could be gentle and soothing?

Okay, I didn’t get the job. They emailed me (cold, eh?) after I inquired over the phone, saying they are going to keep looking. No reasons why I wasn’t their choice. BTW, “they” is MusicNet, a spin-off of Real Networks with an office downtown. Actually, in Belltown, right on the water. But it doesn’t matter now, because they rejected me, so screw them and I hope their office falls into the sound during the next earthquake. Except for Jason’s cubicle, or maybe he could be at lunch or something. Anyway, so my new policy on this subject is that I’m gonna just tell you guys this stuff up front, instead of keeping it a secret. I was kind of worried about people at work seeing it before I’d had a chance to explain, but I figured out this week that (1) nobody at work reads this except for the people that I’d already tell, and (2) everybody at work but my boss basically finds out anyway. So from now on, I’m not worrying about it and I’m just gonna post whatever news I get.

So, what is the plan now? Well, I’m going to go to allstate today and make my best effort to not be totally bummed. Then I’m going to pick up Josh at the airport tonight, and spend the weekend catching up with him and cleanup up the house to make room for our impending houseguests. And then before Monday, I’m going to fix all my job-posting-site emails so that I’m receiving postings every day, and start reading the Times, and basically just get back into the whole job search thing. I guess this was my wake-up call that it’s been long enough and I should start looking again, but maybe next time the wake up call could be a little less harsh, eh?