Why We Should Rethink the Eight-Hour Workday

I know my energy levels don’t align with a 9-5 day, as I definitely have a few non-ideal hours during that period where I’m running on fumes.  My most effective workday would probably start with email and calls from 7-8, a workout from 8-9:30, in the office 10-12, lunch and a 30 minute power nap, an afternoon full of face-to-face meetings with an afternoon snack break around 3.  I’d leave the office about 5:30 for happy hour and dinner, which is still a great time to be discussing work if it’s with coworkers, and be home by 7:30.  It sounds like a long day, but with breaks woven in and recharge time built into the day, it’s pretty optimal for me.  Lifehacker explores some of the reasoning and history behind our traditional 8-hour day and why it might not make sense anymore:


Why We Should Rethink the Eight-Hour Workday.


A Small Organization Might Better Advance Your Career

Malcolm Gladwell is always full of interesting ideas, and this one is based on a study of colleges but could apply to any organization (like your employer).  He proposes that since we compare ourselves to those around us, we are more easily demoralized in a big place where many more people will be over-achievers (statistically, of course – this is Gladwell).  A good argument for a small team within a big org, or a small unknown startup vs a big well-known multinational, at least at a stage in your career where you are building your confidence.


Malcolm Gladwell’s David And Goliath – Business Insider.

To grab this book for Kindle:

SEMA Las Vegas – November 2014

I like big trucks and I cannot lie… which is why so many of my photos this year feature giant lifted trucks, but there are also stunning Italian cars, trick Japanese rides and immaculate hot rods in the mix. The largest gathering of small businesses in the US was even bigger this year – I heard 160,000+ attendees, up from 135,000 in 2013 – an encouraging trend for our economy, for small businesses and for the auto aftermarket. As always the amount of time, money, creativity and skill on display at the SEMA show boggle the mind.

If you are hoping for accurate, realistic photographs of the products and projects at SEMA move along elsewhere because this show and it’s over-the-top, bigger-than-life, can’t-believe-they-pulled-that-off custom cars are my excuse to be as seizure-inducingly aggressive with the photos as I care to be. Nothing about this event is subdued and I take all kinds of liberties with the images to highlight the parts I find interesting and stylize them to my whim. One of my Lightroom presets is literally named “CSI Miami”. Now that I have set your expectations correctly, you are clear to proceed:

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SEMA Las Vegas – November 2013

My third year at this epic show and I’m still overwhelmed by the depth of creativity represented in aluminum, carbon fiber, rubber, paint and steel. Between David, Tyler, Sean, Dave and I think we saw about one fifth of what was there. Next year I’ll bring a bigger entourage…

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.