At what point does “applicant” become “stalker”?

Yeah, well, maybe it is okay for the MusicNet building to fall into the sound after all. Yup, you guessed it, Real Networks doesn’t think I have enough experience. Gee, never heard that one before. Maybe next time they’ll be considerate enough to look at my resume and reject me before they schedule the interview. Just a thought.

So, since I didn’t have an interview this morning, I visited Peggy (my fav recruiter) in her downtown office and we talked shop about what other angles I can work on this whole job search thing. Also had lunch with Carrie and got to check out the awesome view from her corner office in Rainier tower! Okay, so it’s a conference room she’s camped out in – but the view is still incredible! Also tried to visit Adobe, but the recruiter was out of the office. So I just drove around Freemont a little, whimpering, and then came home. As always, I’ll keep ya posted.

A good use for 2 days off

I know, I know! It’s been forever since I’ve updated anything. It’s been a busy month, alright?

Sent Danielle home on a plane last weekend, and Christian’s first week in Seattle is treating him well. He has a part-time job at a schmancy athletic club, and has already changed his hairstyle once. I think he’s even adjusting to our driveway… Sasha came up from Corvallis (OR) for the weekend, and brought Rachael, Annie and Jackie with her, for a fun-filled weekend of shopping and cheesy tourist things. It was great to see Sasha, and to meet her friends! Come back anytime! Pictures are forthcoming, as soon as I get some time this week. Why am I so busy this week, you ask? Well, could be cause I have an interview with Real Networks on Thursday morning (thanks Jason!). Totally excited. It’s a great position for me, and a year contract (longer than most) at an awesome downtown location – actually, the other end of the building MusicNet is in. So maybe I don’t want that building to fall into the sound after all… 😉 Anyway, wish me luck! It’s totally a fortuitous happening – I had asked for Thursday and Friday off several weeks ago in the hope that I might be able to use the days for an interview, or at least to walk into some offices. Then out of the blue Monica emails me yesterday (Monica works for SnowDogs, a consulting firm in Belltown that I’ve been on with since May) and wonders if I’m available Thursday morning. So of course I told her, “no way, I’m on vacation that day, I was going to sleep in.” … NOT. Anyway, definitely a visible hand of fate stirring the pot here, or something. I’m trying not to get so freakishly excited about this one – I seem to get burned that way. I’ve got some studying to do this week to make sure I’m ready, so the pictures of this weekend might not be up for a few days. I’m sure you all understand. 😉 I’ll keep ya posted.

I’ve never been so excited to drive to Seatac

THEY MADE IT! Christian and Danielle are finally here – I’m so excited! Christian has way too much stuff – I don’t know where we’re going to put it all – and I have way too much stuff that I’m trying to send home with Danielle – the flight attendants are going to hate her – and we all ate way too much chinese food last night… all in all, I think this is going to be way too much fun! Mark this day on the calendar, folks, ’cause from here on out everything’s going to be a little bit different! And I can’t wait!

I almost dare not speak its name

Oooh, it’s Monday! A day for staying in bed, pulling the covers over your head and pretending the world does not exist outside the boundaries of your flannel sheets. A day for snoozing the alarm, falling asleep in the shower, nicking yourself shaving and staring, dumbfounded, at the closet with not the slightest inclination of what to wear. A day for shuddering at the touch of the cold bathroom floor. For gagging on your multivitamins at breakfast. For spilling milk on yourself, and the fridge, and the floor. A day for missing your exit, hitting the curb when you park, closing your jacket in the car door and tripping on a loose flap of industrial, office carpet. A day so wrought with perils and pitfalls that it can only be described with one word, a word that strikes fear in the hearts of the working class, a word that summons up all that is wrong about selling your time and talents (or maybe just your time) for money, a word such as “Monday.”