Today is my first day at Logistic Systems

Today is my first day at Logistic Systems, a software company in Missoula. So far I’ve done a bunch of paperwork, met a lot of people, read a bunch of guides and been to one meeting. I also discovered that one of my friends from MSU – Jeramy Parker – works here, as well, which is very cool.

On a completely different subject, John & Amanda’s wedding was a great time and I wish them all the best! Congratulations, you two crazy kids! Hope you’re having fun in Kauai this week…

Well, it’s been 10 more days

Well, it’s been 10 more days, and I’m still pretty much no closer to being employed than I was the 1st of June. I’ve got another week or so here, and then I’m going back to MT to relax for a couple days and then head to Billings for John & Amanda Bender’s wedding. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll get a cardboard sign and go stand in front of Walmart.

I’m back in Seattle this week

I’m back in Seattle this week – it’s good to be back! It’d be even better if I had a job, but… I had an enjoyable Tuesday; went to a career fair with Jason and had some great chinese food with Josh. My fortune cookie at dinner had two fortunes in it that were both the same – which I assume means I am meant to take the fortune twice as seriously – which said “Remember to share good fortune as well as bad with your friends.” I guess that’s a hint that I’m not keeping you all in the loop enough, so I’ll work on that.

I still don’t have any job offers, but my promising possibilities are not totally exhausted, and hopefully I drummed up some new ones at the job fair today as well as with all the resumes I sent out last week. So far all the interesting ones are in downtown Seattle and not the suburbs (that’s a good thing). When I’m not thinking about jobs I’ve been exploring my future neighborhood, West Seattle. I’ve already got an apartment building picked out and I’ve pinpointed at least 5 coffee shops in less than a quarter mile radius… 😉

Heading into the woods

Heading into the woods with the family this week to do some camping and forget that I’m unemployed. I still have some irons in the fire, but I am beginning to wonder just exactly how hot the fire is, whether it’s the right fire, whether I’m using the right kind of iron, and whether I should be wearing some sort of gloves to do metalwork…