A pretty great birthday, overall

I had a great birthday, despite being (still) without a new job – you can call me any day now, Elray! 😉 Breakfast at IHOP with the guys, an afternoon on the beach with Christian (we both came home a little bit tan – i have lovely sunglasses lines on my temples), and a great dinner at “che Carrie” including two (!) kinds of pie. For those not in Seattle this weekend, it was a sunny, bright, warm, incredible day and a very good day for a birthday. Today is looking equally beautiful, and a week from tomorrow i’m going home! And Elray is going to call me this week and offer me a job! Right? K?

Impending birthday

It’s friday! That’s all that matters today. I gave the silly allstate pager back this morning – it never did go off, but i think that’s only because i stared at it hatefully and thought ugly things about it all week. So that’s over, and another week’s over, and my birthday’s in two days and so far i have a card from Danielle (it’s awesome!), my Grama (thanx Grama!) and my bank (um, yeah. that’s kind of creepy). But no new job yet. So, happy birthday to me.

Another day, another interview – maybe this is the one?

C a r e e r   u p d a t e:
Just had a phone interview with Elray from Microsoft. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Since my birthday is this week, and Robin’s was last week, and since the Mariners are playing a team they’re likely to beat – Anaheim, Robin and i are going to the game tonight for our birthdays. Nobody else wanted to go, plus we accidentally bought the tickets while we were price shopping last week (oops!). I’m bringing the camera this time, so hopefully i’ll have some nice pix to share of the view from the cheap seats. And i do have other pix to upload from some recent stuff (including the winery in the last post) but i just haven’t had a chance yet. Since i’ve got tomorrow off work, though, maybe i can get that done (my recompense for having to work saturday). No guarantees, tho – i plan to sleep in for at least half the day, and wash my car the other half. But i’ll see what i can do for ya…

A great half-a-Saturday

Yesterday was a totally great day – well, at least the part after 2pm. Since i was sentenced with saturday duty, i was up early. but the day went uphill from there. I met Christian, Joe, Steph, Carrie and Poppy for a trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery – a nice little tour, some free sampling, and then we picked up cheese, chocolate and (of course!) wine for a picnic on the estate lawn. Most excellent. From there it was across the street to the Red Hook brewery for a pint and a cheeseburger, then up the street to DQ for dessert. So pretty much a day of monstrously indulgent dining pleasure, and an overall experience that i highly recommend.

Having lunch with Lindsay and Adam today – haven’t seen them in a while – actually, i haven’t seen Adam since the superbowl – so that will be good. Right now, Christian and i are watching taped TV from last week and lamenting the dreary weather and the lack of new Leap of Faith episodes.

I’ve been reduced to taking the government’s advice.

You all missed a great dinner last nite – Christian made lasagna, we opened a couple bottles of wine, and had a small mob over for a pleasant evening of fine dining, specifically Carrie, Robin, Jason, Julia, Annie, Christian, Josh and myself. It had been awhile since we were all in the same place, and it was nice to catch up a bit. Of course at some point it all degrades to trading stories about MT and playing the do-you-know? game, but at least for a while we had some dinner conversation…

Meeting with a career counselor f/ the state employment agency tomorrow, will let you know how that goes. Also found a few more things on the web this week, job-wise, that i’m applying for. Cause i just don’t get enough rejection already, so i’ve got to seek out more.