I expect both of my readers to respond promptly

What a great week! It’s been busy and exciting this week – Josh will be sorry he missed it all, being in ho-hum Chicago all week. 😉 Lots of assorted madness, and some of the best stuff is classified until further notice, but I promise you’ll all be the first to know. So, yeah, in thinking about it I really can’t tell you all that much. But just suffice to say that I had a good week. ;-D In other news, Annie got a job (yay for Annie!), Mike’s car broke down (sucks, Mike!), Carrie’s sisters came to town (hide your sons, Seattle!) and we had a lovely martini party Friday evening with a small group of unassuming guests. And Christian and Danielle will be here in 21 more days!

Now for some interactive news. I’m feeling creative and wanna hype up the site a bit. This requires some feedback from my readership (both of you!). I’m pondering making the news interactive – giving you a chance to add your thoughts, disagree, tell me what a dork I am, etc. Whattaya think? Also, am I the only one who thinks the photo section is totally disorganized and it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for? What would make more sense? Strict chronological? By geography? All the blackmail material grouped together? Any opinions? Thanks!

You can expect a text message from me… now.

Okay, it’s Friday again. Another week gone by. I don’t have nearly as much energy to burn this week. I’m doing fine, life is good, job is ‘eh’. Putting Josh on a plane tomorrow for his two-week trip to Chicago. Also, the cable modem tech from at&t should stop by this weekend and make that stupid thing finally work. Oh, and Verizon fixed my cell phone (actually, they gave me a new one) so I can send text messages back to you now. It’s pretty neato – I’m already driving most of my local friends crazy with it. Other than that, not much in the way of news… at least, that I can tell you about here 😉 But I promise that as soon as the lottery announces the winners, the book deal goes through, I join the Evil Empire, or I get selected for the Real World, I’ll let you all know first.

Another Seattleite in the making

Put in on your calendars – February 9th! Christian is moving to Seattle! Yeah! I’m so totally jacked about this – he’s going to crash with Josh and I for a while, so all his fans that want to visit can start lining up on our front porch in the next few weeks. He’s never been here – and never seen the ocean! – so we’ll be spending some time introducing him to my favorite city! Only four short weeks!

What day is it, again?

It’s finally Friday! Are you excited? I know I’m excited! It feels like this week has been a month long and that I haven’t relaxed since November. Despite that, however – lest anyone accuse me of being socially dormant – this very night we’re grilling a salmon and serving fondu for a small gang of friends. I just can’t get enough, can I? Can’t take a break when there’s an occasion to party! What exactly is the occasion this time, you ask? It’s finally Friday!