A day full of of frightening news and inspiring stories. It’s difficult to believe that the video footage is real; the Pentagon ablaze and the WTC towers gone, totally and completely gone. The residents of PA, DC and NYC are truly our nation’s heroes as they stand up for us all against this threat. We’re all here behind you, NYC, 270 million of us! Keep the faith!

I’m meeting with a recruiter on Monday

I’ve been living with Josh for, oh, 2 days now. I helped him buy a car on Friday (that’s what he gets for taking me shopping 😉 so today we’re going to wash and wax our respective “pets.” I’m meeting with a recruiter on Monday, and still have some prospects going. I’ll keep ya posted!

Had a most excellent weekend

Had a most excellent weekend at the lake with Carrie and her awesome family! The fun continued right into the week with a relaxing Monday afternoon with my parents in Bozeman followed by dinner with Tyson & Elliot (Erika, you’re a slacker for not coming along!) and an evening of “cultural exprience” at Kris and Lambert’s Youth Hostel. I finished up the trip by having brunch with Christian, Shanna and Danielle (some of whom were skipping class, but I won’t mention any names) before jumping back on the freeway. An added bonus: Angela, who’s from the same region of Italy as my great-grandfather, rode back to Seattle with me. We had a great time talking about wine, food, Italy and America. Thanks for a great drive, Angela!

Today I resigned from Logistic Systems

Today I resigned from Logistic Systems, to pursue my dreams of success in Seattle. Still don’t have a job out there, but some good prospects that I won’t mention lest I jinx them. I’ll give you a hint, though. One of them starts with an A. I’m going to move in with Josh probably Wednesday (thanks, Josh!)

BTW, to Tim: Bwah, ha ha ha!

Before I get that far, however, I’m going to spend this weekend in the Bo-zone (a little) and then at Ennis lake with Carrie and her family. It’s been a whole two weeks since I’ve seen Danielle, so of course I’m going to hang out with her, too.