Losing jobs, losing sleep

Sorry i’ve totally left you all hanging as of late. Not a great deal to report, i guess. Either that, or i’ve got to start doing this from home at 3 in the morning when i’m wide awake and funny, instead of from work after lunch when i’m tired, depressed and apathetic.

I did have a really great weekend, despite my lackluster verbalizing ability this monday following. Spent saturday afternoon helping Steph move into a great new apartment, which mostly involved helping Kristin and Joe tease Steph, and helping Joe drive a really, really large moving truck thru downtown and on the freeway. Also, we moved some furniture and stuff. Then saturday evening Libby and i hung out on Queen Anne, where she introduced me to my new favorite coffee house, “El Diablo Coffee Co.” Saturday was a completely gorgeous day, sunny and awesome. I probably could have gotten a tan, but then i’d look out of place in Seattle, wouldn’t i? Sunday Sara and Paul came thru town, so i met them at the train station (after some minor parking fiascos – union station garage is NOT very well labeled!) and we spent the day touring the city. Lunch on Alki, coffee at El Diablo (of course) and a walk thru Queen Anne down to Kerry park. Also, a trip up the Needle (i’m thinking i might get an annual pass – i’m up there all the time) and then a great dinner of fresh seafood at our house with a small assortment of friends. Dropped them off at the airport last night – they should be getting home to NH sometime today – and then went home and stayed up until 2.30 watching tv and pretending i didn’t have to work in the morning. I’m a very good pretender; unfortunately, however, the alarm clock is a staunch realist. So here i am, pretending to work while staring at my cell phone, daring it to ring. C’mon! Just call and offer me a job, already!

Speaking of that, the contract gig fell through. Gee, what a surprise. Maybe i don’t interview well or something. Actually, this one never got that far. We decided over the phone that i couldn’t devote the time he needed (due to allstate) and he couldn’t give me a computer to do it on (he wanted me to use a win2k machine – where am i gonna get one of those?). So, it’s probably for the better – i wouldn’t have been able to do as good a job as i would have liked. But it still sucks to lose YET ANOTHER job. Although i’m getting pretty good at that, too.

Snow is always an event here

So, it’s Wednesday – the week’s half over! – and it’s snowing like crazy again. So, the first time it snowed i was all excited, cause it was such a novelty and whatever. Now it’s just snowing again, and i kinda wish it would just give it up and be spring already. Since it’s like officially spring and all, what, tomorrow? So that’s weird.

Had lunch down in the U district w/ Jason & Julia today, so we could talk shop. I have a meeting with a guy named mark tonite about a possible contract project, which would be very cool – building an intranet and some databases and stuff. I’m way excited about getting back into the biz. Then tomorrow nite i have a meeting down in bellevue for a software testers organization i joined (thanx Peggy! you rock!). Which reminds me, i probably should go pre-read some of the material. It’s so great to be a little busy again! Had a pretty slow day at work, what with a long lunch downtown, and helping Kylie all day, with her phone, her headset, her computer, whatever. That, and pondering all the snow, watching webcams all over the city (since we’re all trapped up here in nowheresville all day). And only two more days until the weekend! Hey, if any of ya’ll are not busy saturday, you can help me help Steph move. Pour soul, she’s leaving capitol hill and moving into the suburbs. But i think she’ll survive ok, despite that. Okay, work’s over, getta go home!

Back home on the grid

I’m back in Seattle, after a great week at home in MT. It’s nice to get back, and unpack, and have a fast net connection again (you can see where my priorities are 😉 I’ll try and get a few new pics posted this week, and give you a run-down, but tonight this will have to suffice. Sahright.

Oh, almost forgot, happy St. Paddy’s day. An irish toast for you all, courtesy of Jim:

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by their limping.

Paying per minute for this message

So, i’m sitting in SeaTac, waiting for my flight. Got another half hour to go till i’m winging my way towards montana. just using the airport’s wireless internet access, cruising the net, checking my email and, well, posting this for the benefit of my loyal readers (both of you!). Love the new laptop – especially the wireless card 😉 Okay, well, this is my last broadband connection for a week, so i’d better go enjoy it. Happy spring break everyone!

Countdown to “spring” break

Doing the work thing today. Bleagh :-Q <- (That's me, sticking my tongue out and making a "bleagh" noise) Not really into it today. How is that different from every other day, you ask? Well, ... you have a good point there.

Christian got back from Whistler, BC today, after spending all weekend skiing and living it up in Vancouver. What with the exchange rate, the great spring weather, a posh room at the Westin, all that Canadian beer… boy, he has a rough life, doesn’t he? Wish i was unemployed so i could party all weekend and go skiing in exotic places. Now it’s back to the grind for him (welcome back, sucka!) and i’ve got two more days until i’m home for a week for my “spring break.” Yah, i know it doesn’t make much sense to go to frigid, winter-type Montana for spring break, but i’ve got a place to stay for free (can’t argue with that!) and it’ll be really nice to see the family again. Plus, Grama Fran is making traditional st. paddy’s day dinner, which i wouldn’t miss for the world (corned beef, irish soda bread). I’ll still keep updating while i’m traveling, though; don’t you worry your pretty little heads. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!