Today I resigned from Logistic Systems

Today I resigned from Logistic Systems, to pursue my dreams of success in Seattle. Still don’t have a job out there, but some good prospects that I won’t mention lest I jinx them. I’ll give you a hint, though. One of them starts with an A. I’m going to move in with Josh probably Wednesday (thanks, Josh!)

BTW, to Tim: Bwah, ha ha ha!

Before I get that far, however, I’m going to spend this weekend in the Bo-zone (a little) and then at Ennis lake with Carrie and her family. It’s been a whole two weeks since I’ve seen Danielle, so of course I’m going to hang out with her, too.

Today is my first day at Logistic Systems

Today is my first day at Logistic Systems, a software company in Missoula. So far I’ve done a bunch of paperwork, met a lot of people, read a bunch of guides and been to one meeting. I also discovered that one of my friends from MSU – Jeramy Parker – works here, as well, which is very cool.

On a completely different subject, John & Amanda’s wedding was a great time and I wish them all the best! Congratulations, you two crazy kids! Hope you’re having fun in Kauai this week…

Well, it’s been 10 more days

Well, it’s been 10 more days, and I’m still pretty much no closer to being employed than I was the 1st of June. I’ve got another week or so here, and then I’m going back to MT to relax for a couple days and then head to Billings for John & Amanda Bender’s wedding. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll get a cardboard sign and go stand in front of Walmart.