29.4 miles to unwind

Anyone who wasn’t in West Seattle this weekend missed a beautiful two days of summer. Had a barbecue and pool party with a small assortment of friends sunday – the pool part was especially popular. It was sunny and hot, perfect poolside weather. Of course all the fun ended today at 6.30am, when the lyrics of Matchbox 20 rattling from the tinny, plastic speaker in my clock radio announced that it was time to stop forgetting i work here. Danielle’s first day at an espresso stand in Bellevue is tomorrow; it seems a lot more fun than the last place. I’m thinking about bagging groceries at Thriftway on weekends. I wonder if i’d get a discount on groceries? Only 23 minutes and 26 seconds until i can leave this place, unfortunately not for good. But at least as i drive past downtown this evening, past the skyscrapers and beaches and mountains, i can pretend that my career isn’t a joke, that college wasn’t a waste, that my checking account balance isn’t negative, that my student loan payment isn’t overdue, and that i’m not beginning to wonder why i ever thought i could do this on my own. Three cheers for the land of make-believe.

Who trusts stock brokers anyway?

Dude, it’s been awhile!

Got an email from Christian today, have his Germany address. If ya want it, drop me a line, i’ll hook ya up, yo. Working is sucking, as usual. The stupid mainframe is down today, preventing me from doing any actual work. So i’m torn between rejoicing that i don’t have to be working this &*#$% job, and lamenting that i’m sitting at this stupid desk and can’t even be accomplishing anything. Also, i know that as soon as it starts to work (whatever week that is) i’m going to have all this junk to catch up on. Truly a bittersweet pleasure.

Danielle quit her job friday, so we had a nice weekend of pretending we both were unemployed. Ah, if only i could get laid off, so i could collect unemployment and be truly happy, at least for a few months. But no chance of that; allstate’s stock keeps creeping up. Stupid stock market. Insurance is a scam! Don’t invest in it! Anyway, she has some prospects to check into this week; the other place was being totally heinous about her schedule, and her boss that seemed so nice in the interview turned into a total troll, and she just didn’t need that. Also, i went to a fun(ny?) interview thursday, for a beat-the-streets sales job. They beguiled us with a line about being “talent scouts” for models and actors, and spent the better part of a day splashing glossy, smiling photos on the projector and dropping celebrity names. In the end, though, it’s just a sales rep. job, with a decent base salary and good commissions, and a product that rides the fence between good deal and super-scam. So i told them no thanks, i’ll keep my ridiculous job with its nonflexible hours, stagnant wage, asinine policies, and questionable moral practices. Wait a minute, what was i thinking!?! No, seriously, i don’t wanna run all over the city trying to trick people into giving me money for a product of uncertain consequence. So i guess that means i’m still on the job hunt. Yeah, like, what else is new.

Whereas I commute into the burbs

Actually made dinner for the first time last night in the new place – we’re finally unpacked enough to find things, and at last have enough groceries to consider eating food that you don’t squeeze out of a plastic wrapper. It’s nice to feel almost settled, and i’m getting the commute figured out, although maybe (if the universe hasn’t completely written me off) it won’t be my commute forever. So now that this project is done, it’s time for the next one – find a new job! Danielle has one, at the Made-In-Washington store in Westlake Center. She rides the bus (or sometimes drives – her car, not the bus) into downtown every day, walks around the shops on her break, visits the Pike. I’m so jealous.

Moving is the stuff insanity is made of

Augh! Moving sucks! Danielle and i have starred in a tragic comedy this week and there’s still a couple acts to go before curtain call. From scheduling problems to surprise building policies to driving a huge deisel u-haul truck through Seattle to sleeping on the floor in our clothes because everything was packed, we have really been through the ringer this week. I’m very lucky to have such a loyal little sister, who puts up with me during my daily nervous breakdowns. I definitely couldn’t have gotten this far without her. We still have a few carloads to move, and a couch (Jason !?!?!) and then we can start opening the boxes… Phone doesn’t work yet, mail isn’t forwarding yet, internet is hooked up but doesn’t work, can’t find my digital camera (actually, i know where it is, just can’t get to it) so i haven’t bothered to send anyone any new info or take pictures or anything. Just call my cell if you’re looking for me, and don’t be surprised if i sound like a crazy person.

Back on the (dialup) grid

I know, i know, it’s been forever – but these last two weeks have been nuts! Just a quick bit of news: i’m moving across town, to Seattle, over near the beach district. I’ll be picking up the keys tomorrow! It’ll be my first place on my own (although Danielle will still be staying with me all summer 😉 and it’s gonna rock! There’s a pool that opens memorial day and you’re all invited to come get wet!

Okay, so here’s a little anecdote for ya. I confirmed my suspicion that there are good people out there, and some of them even work for the phone company! So since i’m moving, i need new phone service, and verizon (my current) doesn’t serve west Seattle, qwest does. So i call qwest, get the usual run around, and then find out i need to put up a deposit of 100+ just to have long distance priveledges! Apparently, i’m high-risk or something! As if! I’m the model of responsible consumerism! (No laughing!) I was insulted! Why didn’t they just kick my puppy while they’re at it! So after calling a couple friends to gripe, i called qwest back. I started thinking, “Didn’t i have qwest service in Bozeman? Shouldn’t they know i’m a good guy?” I was connected with Mary the-cool-phone-company-rep. After discovering that she works in downtown Seattle and was very enthusiastic about my choice of neighborhoods to move to, we talked Seattle for a bit and had a few good laughs. And then i told her my deal, and she totally just type-type-type, hooks me up with no-hold-barred real phone service, and types right in there “good customer history, previous account” etc. So take that, evil qwest corporate types and cruel qwest credit-checking trolls! There are still human beings working in your customer service dept in Seattle, and i found one of them, and you’ll be getting no deposit from me, thank you! Bwah ha ha ha!