I have nearly memorized all the produce codes

Whoa, busy week! I worked five nights last week at thriftway – something i started doing, well, last week, so i can pay off those college debts a little faster. My coworkers are very friendly and fun, and i’m getting the hang of it pretty quickly. My first paycheck will come in two more days (wednesday) so of course i’ve already started spending it 🙂 . A small present for me at home depot today, but the rest will go to some town in delaware, to pay for all those months of bills that are accruing interest :Q . So that’s why i’ve been more unreachable than usual and have neglected you all, but that’s not what my typical work schedule is going to be, so it will get better.

I’m coming to you today from john l scott’s office in gig harbor; for those non-locals it’s a sleepy little town on the olympic peninsula, that big chunk of dirt that keeps Seattle from being beachfront property. Oh, and it holds up some neat mountains and stuff, too. Anyway, that meant driving across the tacoma narrows bridge, which you’ll remember as “Galloping Gertie,” the bridge that snapped in a high wind in 1940. Obviously, the same one is not there now (it’s bigger, and doesn’t undulate under your car). But it’s still a big whopping suspension bridge and pretty cool to drive over. The only downside is that you have to drive thru tacoma to get there – bleagh. At least i made it thru without my car getting stolen…

What else did i do this weekend… Helped Patrick and Jason do some stereo work on Patrick’s car. Actually, i got there in time to take the car apart, and then had to leave to go to work – but not before getting stuck in puyallup fair traffic :[ . So i haven’t seen the finished product yet, can’t give you a professional opinion at this time. Patrick’s got a sweet car, tho (a 2k2 Max) and i’ve seen Jason’s handiwork, so i suspect it’s first-rate. Now Patrick and i just have some rattles to address in the rear fender lights and the trunk lid, and we’ll be good to go. Totally different subject: Friends season premiere is this thursday!

Dog birthdays, soccer and disturbingly-realistic stuffed kittens

Quite an interesting sunday – spent the day with Hillary! Kristen held a bbq in honor of her dog Kona’s birthday (yes, ok, Kristen’s a little weird, we’re all ok with it 🙂 so Hilly and i jetted up to mill creek. Officially we were there to watch Kona open his birthday presents (almost all of which were things he could chew on), but i think i speak for both Hillary and myself when i say we were really there for the food and the beer. Kristen throws a killer party, and it was great to finally meet a bunch of the people she’s always talking about! Part of the festivities included watching the video from their trip to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the gorge – which was extremely funny. After that, it was down to seattle center for a Sounders game (that’s soccer) with Molly and Lexie – me and the fab 3 – talk about your great dates! 😉 However, not before Hilly and i rolled the windows down and sang as loud as we could with our hands out the windows all the way down the freeway. Oh, Pepe came along, too, in Molly’s purse (pronounced Pay-pay). Pepe is a disturbingly-realistic kitten Molly bought at the puyallup fair, which she keeps in a sandwich baggie and carries with her everywhere. And which she talks to, and introduces everyone to, even people in bars and her coworkers. Hmmm, kind of makes Molly sound crazy, doesn’t it? Well, we’ll just go with that (sorry, MollyMolly, but the public has a right to know). So the Sounders lost to Vancouver (BC), but we did get to see lots of weird canadians chanting strange soccer chants, and a lot of dramatic head-butting. Afterwards, Pepe was really in the mood for a margarita, so it was off to Peso’s for drinks, where one entire side of the restaurant was treated to our perpetual laughing, screaming, pointing, and games of “hide Pepe.” Most of the Pepe-hiding was done by Joshua, who joined us there. Quite a few of the bar patrons were priveledged enough to meet Pepe, as well, and were thereafter understandably concerned for our mental health.

So, if it wasn’t obvious, i had a great time – i can’t remember the last time i laughed for 12 hours straight. I’m going to have abs of steel! Thanks for dragging me along, Hilly! And now, it’s 3pm, and i should really walk down the hall and see if Pepe has awakened from her nap yet…

On an unrelated note, i ate half the box of “men’s pocky” on saturday while i was paying bills. It didn’t help me to have any more money, but it definitely made bill-paying more enjoyable, in as much as it distracted me from the actual paying of the bills. They’re really more like chocolate-dipped pretzels, but not salty, or something. Good. And i still don’t know what’s “men’s” about them. I think women would like them ok. Too weird.

And yes, I bought a box.

Well, where have I been? Helped Annie move into her new apartment monday – it’s a great place, will be a great situation for her. Helped her buy a new car last week, too – a really sweet Jetta! I think she would be having a really great week, if her apartment building hadn’t been without electricity since sometime yesterday… augh! Also this week, Robin and i made experimental lasagna which came out surprisingly good. Lindsay and Adam came over for lunch and took me to Uwajimaya – a huge, cool asian grocery store in the international district. I’ve got a freezer full of mochi now (rice patty ice cream ball things that are super-good). Oh, and i don’t know if you’ve all heard of pocky, it’s a japanese dessert, kind of a candy-dipped cookie. Lambert, you should know what these are – you brought us back some from japan. So they come in several varieties, the most popular being chocolate. So anyway, i’m digging around on the shelf, trying to decide which kind i wanted, and found: “men’s pocky”. I have no idea. The ingredients are exactly the same as chocolate pocky. The description of the candy and the pictures are the same. It just comes in a dark green box, and says “men’s” in the corner. And it’s not like the regular pocky was particularly feminine. It’s a red box, with black letters. There’s no girlie stuff or hello kitty on it or anything. So why did their marketing peeps feel men would respond better to their own, green-boxed version? No idea. And i should get back to work now… 🙂

All we really need is a vacant lot to have a good time.

Met a few of the guys down in southcenter for some Maxima-talk, trading ideas and poking around under hoods. I only took a couple pix, they’re here. We had some lunch, and killed a whole afternoon being motorheads. Patrick, Forrest and i killed part of the evening, too, visiting every car stereo store in south king county looking for 120Hz high-pass caps… Okay, so mostly we drooled over in-dash dvd players and flip-down screens, and lounged in circuit city’s living room, but we were officially on a mission. 🙂 Thanks for a great meet, gang!

I like the dentist, but I don’t like it when there are surprises.

Where were you last nite? Cause i was listening to the best DJ in Seattle down at Watertown with Jason & Julia. You shoulda been there! Julia made us a great salmon dinner, followed by green tea moshi (Japanese green tea ice cream balls). Then we cruised down to Watertown to dance the night away. Well, Julia and i danced, anyway… 😉

Long weekend turned out great, went out sunday with fellow-Maxima-driver Patrick for a drink and some car talk at Earl’s in the U district, and we’re planning a meet saturday the 7th for any Nissan fans out there that wanna come to southcenter for an afternoon.

In other news, i went to the dentist today. Argh! Drove all the way to kirkland cause my dentist there is cool, and she was on vacation with some weird dude in her place. At least if she had told me i have four cavities and a $400 bill staring me in the face, she would have made it sound not so bad – she’s good at that, that’s why i like her. But nooo, i got mr. insensitive mumbling dentist man’s unintelligible rendition of “i think it’s time to start flossing…” I already do that! Duh! I’m chalking this up to stress. Good thing i don’t have stomach cleanings twice a year checking for ulcers, or i’d really be out a lot of money. I told them i’ll call them in november – maybe i’ll have 400 bucks by then…