Maybe I’ll be a geek someday after all

I never know how to start these. It’s kind of like figuring out what to put in the “subject” line of an email – what exactly am i supposed to say besides “here’s today’s stuff”? Mailing a big padded envelope to Christian today – Danielle and i put together a note, some goofy pictures and a couple cd’s to keep him entertained in boring old Europe. I drove to Tacoma last night (not nearly as scary as i imagined) to meet a friend of Dad’s, Niles, and we talked about linux, open source software and other geeky stuff over dinner. He’s connecting me with a strong linux users’ group down there. I’m excited to have some more friends and contacts in the tech biz, especially of the open-source variety, and of course the potential for finding a great job is huge. So that will be cool – Niles is headed back to MT this weekend, but we’ll get back together after he gets back and swap more ideas. In the meantime (until some linux shop snatches me up for a great new project) i’m applying to be a bank teller at Key Bank today, and will drop an app at Columbia Winery this week, too, for part time possibilities. So maybe i can turn in that resignation letter this week after all – here’s hoping! If that doesn’t pan out, i can always hope to get laid off… Ann dropped me a note, expressing her frustration about the small repertoire of the quote generator on the front page. She suggested i beef out the database with Friends lines, but i’m not sure if the first thing i want someone seeing when they pull up my site (especially if they’re considering hiring me to maintain their highly secure database, or something) is “Ooh, shrimp toast!” So in the meantime, my apologies for the repetition. And Ann, lay off the DVDs!

Some quality Mom time

Monday, monday, back to work. Augh! Double gigantic heinous augh! Sunday was a bit long, but good – Danielle and i drove Mom to Ritzville (eastern Washington) to meet Dad. We had an amusing lunch in an amusing little diner in amusing downtown Ritzville, and pretty much kept ourselves amused for a couple hours. Then Mom and Dad headed east (home), and Danielle and i headed west (home). It was great having Mom here for a week, a great relief for Danielle and i who both have been needing some guidance and encouragement lately. We didn’t let her get much sleep, but we had a great time, and that’s what matters. Also, somewhere in there, Elliot came to town, as well, and Danielle and i joined him for a night of dancing and merriment at Last Supper. Come back anytime, Elliot!

Hoping for at least a mild sunburn

Mainframe is down at work today, seemed like a good time for an update. I mean, it’s not like i’m doing anything else, right? And this is less destructive than shopping on ebay… Danielle has a date tonight with Tom the race car driver, so Mom and i have an evening to ourselves. We went to Ikea last night, for the second evening in a row, and i think i’ll have a well-furnished apartment by the end of the week. Thanks, Mom! It’s supposed to be 80+ today, would be a great evening to spend on the beach. Beyond that, we haven’t made any plans. Right now it’s 11.19, only 41 more minutes until lunch. I’ll probably leave early, too, rather than sit here listening to everyone say into the phone “unfortunately our computer system is down this morning…” blah blah blah. Robin and i are going to have lunch in the park, “down by the river.” Yeah, i’m not really sure why i thought i had something exciting to say. Ugh. More later.

Told you i’d be back. Robin and i had a nice lunch in the park. Computers still don’t work. This job still sucks. Got an email from Christian. He’s having a boring time in Germany, doing lots of lame stuff like hiking, whitewater rafting, visiting Croatia. Poor unlucky chap – how lame must that be? Sure wouldn’t trade my exciting day for some tanning on the Adriatic sea. No sir.

I’d get a fancy apron and everything…

In the words of the Bangles, it’s just another manic monday. Plugging away at work today, a surprisingly un-busy day considering it’s coming off a long weekend. I guess everyone else is still on vacation… Very busy weekend at home, tho, with BJ here visiting – come back anytime, buddy! Amidst our adventures this weekend we discovered that the Columbia winery, across from the previously-mentioned Chateau Ste Michelle (for those of you following along) offers a much more intimate tour and sampling experience than its neighbour despite their larger production. Most impressed, will definitely be back. Actually, i think i’d like to work there in the evenings.

Danielle and i also enjoyed visiting with our super-fun uncle and aunt, Tim & Carol, over a few pizzas last night at their place and complimenting cousin David on his sweet new car. It was a great excuse to see them, as they’d brought Mom back from the Fourth of July family shindig to spend a week with us! So Mom, Danielle and i are staying in my little one-bedroom apartment this week and i expect we’ll have a far out, groovy time together! 😉

Let there be fireworks or whatever

So, like, happy indepence day tomorrow, and everything. Personally, i’m thinking the guaranteed jobs and government-supplied health care that come with socialism are starting to look pretty good. It’s only wednesday. Although i am on parole tomorrow as required by federal law, i’m forced to return to solitary confinement friday morning for another full day of insurance evil. Although an optimistic person who has something to live for might look at tonight as a bonus mini-weekend, i find it more of a cruel joke that allows me to believe i’m gleefully unemployed for just long enough to begin accomodating the idea before it’s yanked away and wicked reality returns to taunt me. I suppose in that sense, it is a mini-weekend. At least i was able to make today somewhat productive; some cool updates to the site today while i was shackled to my desk. The front page randomly selects a quote from a MySQL database each time it loads, and i’ve got a neato little interface for adding new quotes, so hopefully the variety of platitudes will only increase as i continue. Are you totally impressed, or what?