Long night on Alki

Since today was the first “long” day, thanks to daylight savings time’s annual respite, we chose to spend the evening around a firepit on Alki beach, enjoying the sunset, the ocean, and the gang violence (kidding, Mom!). It was a lovely way to spend a monday night; i’ll get the pictures up eventually.

Feeling Major League

Friday is here, another week gone by. I wanted to have something eloquent to say, or at least some upbeat news to come back to you with, but i’m a little shy this week, as they say. It is officially spring now – the trees are in full bloom, not just budding, and it was in the 60’s and beautifully sunny this week. Course, the weekend is fast becoming dreary – so typical. I attended my first Mariner’s game tuesday night – thanx Shane! – it was totally awesome, a really great time. I’m definitely hooked now, will be going much more. I’ll try and bring the camera next time, give you all some pics of the experience for those who live in major-league-baseball-deprived areas (ie: Montana). Other than that, it’s been a typical week at work (bleagh!) and i haven’t heard back from anyone yet begging me to come work for their IT department for millions and millions of dollars. But i still harbor hope.

Farewell to a friend.

. . .

My friend Tyson passed away this weekend. He was way too young, and way too cool to die already. It seems so unfair that someone with so much potential, and who gave so much back to everyone around him would be taken from this earth when he still had so much left to give and do and be. I will miss him a great deal, and will never forget his friendship. Tyson, I loved you, man. I hope to see you again someday; enjoy heaven in the meantime.

“Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.” — Ludwig Van Beethoven

. . .