Friday Morning Twitter Fix for 2013-11-21

Friday Morning Twitter Fix for 2014-03-13

Friday Morning Twitter Fix for 2013-11-28

Friday Morning Twitter Fix for 2013-12-05

  • I like the idea of @coin a lot – pre-ordered and giving it a try. Excited about all this point-of-sale tech lately. ->
  • Finally posted photos from last month's SEMA show – get your gratuitous carbon fiber fix right here: ->
  • Wait, what? This is not an April Fools prank – @Amazon Prime Air delivery by drone copter is coming in 2015. ->
  • If you are driving around downtown this week with studded tires on for no reason but to ruin my roads, I automatically hate you ->
  • We set a new noise record last night #seahawks fans – 137.6 dB! #louder @ CenturyLink Field ->
  • My new custom license plates arrived and they're great except for the font. What is this administration's stance on kerning? ->
  • Yahoo gave us a sign, and mistakenly also gave us a pen. ->