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Chinese New Year Parade – January 2012

Since I’ve worked in or near Seattle’s International District for a good chunk of the past 10 years, I typically don’t venture back down there on weekends as it’s nice to explore somewhere else on my days off. Chinese New Year is a notable exception, though, as I really appreciate the upbeat spirit of this event and the genuine ‘good-luck’ wishes shared among the crowd. Also, I love the street food. 😉

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival "“ April 2011

Cara’s Mom and Grama spent Easter weekend in Seattle, and part of their whirlwind tour was a morning in the tulip fields with Josh, Cara and I. It was an incredible sunny day (one of the few we’ve had this spring) and the five of us talked and laughed and enjoyed the rural Skagit Valley scenery together before settling down for a country breakfast at The Farmhouse.

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Sakuracon – April 2011

Danielle and I spent a couple hours this afternoon moving through the lobby and exhibition floor at Sakuracon – an annual anime, gaming and Japanese culture convention – marveling at the cleverness and dedication of the vast array of costumes. I posted a few photos of some of our favorites, but with close to 20,000 attendees there are probably a lot of great ones we missed.

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Shoreline Parade – August 2010

Danielle and I walked to the end of our block Saturday morning, grabbed coffee and breakfast at Browns Coffee‘s new shop in our neighborhood (side note: an awesome and welcome addition to North City) and watched the Shoreline neighborhood Parade, one of the last bits trickling out of Seafair 2010’s month-long event lineup. It was a small affair but had all the key local parade ingredients: lots of kids in marching bands, Seafair clowns and pirates, fire trucks, local schools and churches, political candidates, sidewalk vendors and kids elbowing through the crowd mobbing for candy. I swapped on the telephoto lens and got a few shots which are posted below. This one of Wahoo the clown swarmed in bubbles is my favorite.

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Seafair Weekend – August 2010

My awesome parents spent the week in Seattle, and as Danielle is in Toronto for the weekend with Jordan I had them all to myself for the past few days. They are two of my best friends and I am so lucky to have the relationship with them that I do. I know it’s a rare arrangement between parents and children that we have and I cherish it; I soak up every day and appreciate every chance I have to know them better as friends, confidants, mentors and equals. I also love to spoil them now that they are enjoying their retirement, and especially when they are in my town and I can show them the best of it. What better week to do that than Seafair week? It’s the height of Seattle summer (sun sometimes optional) and one of my favorite times to be a Seattleite. .

We raced up to the Smith Tower observation level Thursday afternoon, hoping to catch the Navy’s Blue Angels practice laps over the city. While we missed the aeronautics show the view from the 35th floor was pretty great, and I can never get enough urban aerial photography. Friday we took a picnic to Madison Park to catch some Blue Angel fly-overs and people-watch, and Saturday we joined the crowds of raingear-covered fans in Genesee Park for another, much closer look at the air show, the hydro races and the general mayhem that is Seafair. Someday I’ll get them on the lake for the truly authentic experience, and hopefully that someday will be soon and a little sunnier than today, but Mom and Dad are great sports – game for anything and easy to please – and we had an awesome adventure together. I took a few marginal pictures of the air show through the binoculars that I posted, along with a lot of Seattle’s streets from 35 floors above Yesler Wy, and a few shots of the two greatest people I’ve been blessed to share this life with. Thanks for a great weekend, you two!

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Independence Day – July 2009

In celebration of a Declaration written on parchment 233 years ago, Americans lit millions of dollars worth of gunpowder-packed paper Saturday night and launched it into the sky. I spent that day on Seattle’s various lakes, wakeboarding with Sean, Julia and Austin on Lake Sammamish in the morning, and then jumping aboard S&J’s boat again – along with Andy and Hailey – for a cruise across Lake Washington, dinner on Lake Union and an amazing fireworks show (thank you Chase bank – welcome to Washington, indeed). It was an excellent day, a textbook-perfect summer saturday that could have lasted forever.

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – May 2009

It’s starting to seem a little like spring around here, but if it still feels like winter where you’re at maybe a zillion blooming tulips will convince you otherwise. Mom, Dad, Danielle and I toured the Skagit Valley tulip fields when Mom and Dad were in town last. It was pretty amazing (and thanks to Claritin, enjoyable). Check out my pictures for yourself, below. The closeups are my favorites but I left a lot of the wide shots in just to capture how many zillions of tulips there really are out there.

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tulip closeup

Chinese New Year – February 2009

Danielle and I participated in Seattle’s Chinese New Year ceremonies on Saturday, exploring the neighborhood and enjoying the cultural festivities. Despite working in that neighborhood for the past 5 years there are still shops I’ve never been to, and we found a few new favorites (especially the New Century Tea Gallery – say hello to Dafe if you stop in). Sally, Lance and Jen met us later in the day, after the firecracker smoke had cleared but still with enough time to enjoy the drum squads and look for rice wine at the market. I meant to bring my proper camera but opted for only the pocket one at the last second, a decision I regretted later when I was practically drowning in interesting photo ops on the streets of Chinatown. Regardless, I took a lot of pictures so you can celebrate the Year of the Ox with us, vicariously and retroactively.

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Link to the Gallery