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ZCON Roadtrip Wrap-Up

The trip wouldn’t have been the same (or possible!) without my amazing parents, my generous friends Clint, Christi, Sean, and Erin, and a lot of smiling faces in hotels, pubs, and park ranger stations along the way. America is a beautiful, enormous nation full of variety and experiences, and finishing the trip only made me hunger for another. To close this out, here’s a silly infographic summarizing a few key data points on the trip for posterity… but the real record is one that will be shared around bars and campfires for years to come.

We made it! More than 7,000 miles through 25 states and we still like each other! The Z is definitely happy to sleep in its own garage tonight. Huge thanks to my amazing parents Howard Nash and Linda M Nash for making this epic trip with me! And my frien… https://t.co/pD1pwLMeTV https://t.co/MTRTaXjguW

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