Tourist Weekend

Had a blast this weekend with Danielle in town – I’m so totally glad she made it! Dinner on Alki Beach and clubbing on Capitol Hill Friday night, shopping downtown and dinner at SkyCity on Saturday, getting lost in Redmond and enjoying Krispy Creme donuts on Sunday – what didn’t we do? Notes to non-Seattle readers: Krispy Creme just opened last week and the lines are just huge; eating there is still a big novelty. Also, SkyCity is the Space Needle’s revolving restaurant. I highly recommend SkyCity, btw. The food was great and the view is completely amazing. Even jaded, seasoned Seattlites would find it totally breathtaking. Robin, Josh and I were pretty much giddy the entire 360 degrees. Anyway, it was all great, and now I’m back at work so I can pay for it all!

Finally, a payday.

Did anybody else watch Scrubs last night? I think that show’s really funny. Moving along… work is progressing well. Lindsay and Shane (the other two trainees) and I are having a good time together reading paperwork, taking online quizzes and making fun of the dated wardrobe choices in the training videos. Only two more days until my first paycheck in 4 months!

In other news, Danielle is flying to Seattle tomorrow morning (yay!) to hang out for the weekend. Thanks a ton, Annie, for picking her up at the airport. I can’t wait to see her! Anyone who’s around, we’re going out on the town Friday night and you’re welcome to join us.

No hawaiian shirts, though

I really have no news today that’s, uh, newsworthy but I wanted to post something anyway. It’s Friday and I get to wear jeans to work, which makes me happy, and I needed to share that joy with all of you. So, there’s that.

Let’s be honest – I’ll be unpacking longer than that

So happy Halloween and stuff! Today is my third day of work, and it’s pretty fun so far. I’m learning quite a bit about insurance stuff and Allstate’s systems. My co-workers are very outgoing, friendly people – a perk of working in a customer service office. My commute is really easy, about 12 minutes, and today is Halloween so there will be little kids running around the office after school trick-or-treating. All in all, a pretty low-stress environment.

Elsewhere on the newswire, we had pretty much everyone we know in Seattle up to the new house sometime this weekend. It was good to see everyone, as it’s been awhile with all the moving madness and whatnot. Is “whatnot” a word? Anyway… I unpack a couple more boxes every night. Hopefully, I’ll be done by Christmas…

College degree finally proves its usefulness.

Hey, I’m employed! I know, I know, I told, like, all of you that I’d call you as soon as I got a job. But do you know how many people I told that to? Yeah, I don’t either, but I bet it was quite a few. Anyway, so you’re just going to have to read about it instead. I’m working at Allstate, I start on Monday (the 29th). There, now you’re informed, and I’m off the hook. As an added bonus (for me) I’m not going to be broke anymore!