Its another beautiful winter day in Seattle, of the sunny sparkly variety, as opposed to yesterday’s giant white flakes. The apocalyptic forecast from the drama-hungry tv news completely overvalued the little burp of winter that actually arrived, but the ensuing orange-alert freakout that swept Puget Sound kept nearly everyone home today. Most of the management at my office wimped out and cancelled any awesome holiday festivities that were planned for yesterday and today, postponing them halfway into January-slash-won’t-ever-happen, but I came to work today anyway on the off-chance a cool impromptu celebration happens with my fellow members of the skeleton crew. It’s also my last workday before I’m on vacation for 2 weeks so i wanted to make the most of any face-time I could get with people before I go off the grid. January will be really busy with career-related activity and I won’t have the luxury like I did today to wander through the halls sipping my coffee and extending Christmas wishes to my beloved comrades.

I hope any of you that venture outside of your homes today stay safe on the road, and I’d encourage the brave and well-equipped to do so and enjoy the spectacle of winter. The power and beauty of nature are truly breathtaking.

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